Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garmisch Trip Part 2

Continued from Part 1...

St. Anna Chapel
Side of castle
Side gardens
Directly behind the castle.
Man-made waterfall steps.
This fleur-di-lis is so gorgeous in full bloom!!!
24 kt gold trim everywhere!
Other side gardens
Framework filled in with flowers in the summer.
Unfortunately, they didn't have the fountain on for us.
It's really high and pretty!
Royal Lodge
Ludwig II stayed here while the castle was being built.
As we were getting on the bus, I saw this woman...ALL in purple..her coat, her sweater, her glasses and her hair!!! I'm all about coordinating, but sheesh!!

I had Bella sitting next to me on the way up to Garmisch, so I was busy with her and just enjoying the sights while traveling. On the way back, I had Thomas sit with her so I could take pictures and videos. I didn't think they were turning out well, so I didn't take that many. Next time I'll know better and keep snapping away, and worry about what did/didn't turn out after I'm home, lol! I hope you enjoy them! I think they are pretty good, seeing how we were moving and on a bus at that!

Driving down, down, down the mountain. This is just a very small section of the trip back from Linderhof, but it gives you an idea of just how steep it is! Many people's brakes are toast after just one trip. It's just as hard on them going up as it is down. Really cool though, lol!

How big are the Alps? HUGE!!!

Glorious view of the southern Bavarian Alps!

Views from the bus #1

Passing by Innsbrook, Austria

Mountains and Valleys

Continued on Part 3!


Intense Guy said...

Nothing like a motor bus ride with a great driver in the Alps!


I love the mountain pictures and the ones of the fountain!

April said...

Your videos and pics. leave me speechless. Absolutely STUNNING!

AliceKay said...

Awesome pictures and video.

I was surprised at how quiet the rest of the passengers on the bus were. They must have been enjoying the scenery as much as I just did. :)

AK Stamper said...

Loves all the photos!! Next time I'll drive you all.....as this is the kind of Bus that I drive in Alaska, yeppers no foolin'


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures!