Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bella's Room - Before & After

I finally got good and tired of seeing the chaos that was the Bellaboo's room and playroom, and decided to tackle it yesterday. As I mentioned I would, I took before & after shots. Although it doesn't look too terribly awful, it was. Bella had had friends over a couple of weeks ago and they got into everything!!! So things were all jumbled and nothing was put away properly. And that frankly just plain hurts my OCD!

Before shots of the playroom:
Where's the floor???
Hundreds of little pieces of plastic - oy!

Before shots of Bella's bedroom:
Her desk - aka junk pile!

After shots!! Yay!
Look! You can see the floor!!!
And all her drawers now close!
Her dollhouse - with everything put back in place!
Her ponies and tiny petshop sets neatly in their drawers.
Just don't ask me how much time I spent on the floor arranging all this!
All her dress-up duds

After shots of Bella's bedroom:
Vanity table all cleared out and pictures hung.
Neat bookshelf!
No more junk piles on her desk!
Not only did I go through everything (and I had two trashbags to prove it!), but I also cleaned, dusted and vacuumed her rooms too. These two little rooms took me all freaking day!!! I'm not even sure how that's possible, but all I can say is that I'm glad to have that crossed off my To Do list!!!


family of 4 on the move! said...

Yayyy fabulous job!! Now you need to schedule a spa day so you can replenish yourself from all that work! lol

slommler said...

Congratulations! That was a lot of work for sure! Looks great!! Now put your feet up and suck down a mojito!!!! Ha!!

Christina said...

Congrats you have defeated the dark side! Relax a little now.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic but if it is anything like around here it won't stay like that long!

Anonymous said...

I always love before and afters! Looks great.

just call me jo said...

Now how can Bella develop her own OCD tendencies if you do all the clean up for her. You must pester and nag while making them help you clean up. Your way was much too healthy.

April said...

Wow, you sure accomplished A LOT! I'm so impressed!

Intense Guy said...

How did those kids find room for a sleepover and to play?


400 Wakeups said...

You KNOW this makes my little OCD heart all warm and fuzzy inside!! I'm so glad to come back to this post!! I looked through some of the previous ones too and the cards you are making are just phenomenal. They are breathtaking beautiful and I'm so glad you are able to focus on something that you are so talented in and makes you so happy!! I promise not to disappear for months at a time anymore!

Kristina P. said...

She has the perfect little girl's room!

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like a total wonderland of awesome princess happiness!
Love her room!

AliceKay said...

The rooms look great now, but I long will they stay that way? LOL

Rita said...

When Dagan's room got overwhelming I'd be right there with him--prodding and insisting--until it was done. I'd say it was probably about 80/20 by the time he was in first grade. Dagan did the 80%--not that he was thrilled about it--hehe! I started making him pick up after himself when he was a toddler. By the time he was 8 or 9--he was on his own with the cleaning, but mom still was the insistent supervisor popping in until it was done. I guess I am what they call "old school"--or maybe it's that tough-love midwestern scandinavian thing--ROFL! Heck--even the friends who came over had to help clean up before they left. Never understood why they loved to come over to hang out at our house--LOL!

But, I have to admit, Bella has more tiny plastic parts to pick up and put away than I think I have ever seen and she then had company, too--so I can see why you'd want to help. :):)

Mighty M said...

Looks great - I hope it stays that way so you don't have to go through that again! :)

Mary said...

Very impressive! I would've been tempted to throw away all of those little plastic pieces! :D

Anonymous said...

Bellas bedroom is just beautiful I would have loved a room like that when I was a little one. I love her playroom I could have some fun in there LOL Hope all is well :o)


I love her room. I would love to have one myself. I need you to come and help me put my office together.

Grand Pooba said...

Yay! This is OCD porn!!!

You did this just for me didn't you???

Good job! And hello? Bella is a princess! She lives in a castle!

Mimi said...

That's a lot of pink plastic!


scrappysue said...

HA! excellent! is she allowed to play in there now??? lol - u did good!