Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post-It Note Tuesday

Only Parent Chronicles

Birthday Banner

Birthday SongWhen my packages finally arrive (eventually???), here's a sneak peek at one of the things I'll be getting for my birthday. Can you guess what it is???

And in just six years....I'll be able to do THIS!!
Can't wait, lol!!!


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday, my friend! I hope you receive as many cute cards as you give!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Dahlin! I got your card today in the mail....so sweet and oh so pretty! Thanks so much!!!

Carla said...

LOL!!! Happy 44th bday!! Welcome to the 'adult' world!! (I'm 44 going on 45 this June;)
Hope you have a great day, and goodness gracious, get that crafting stuff in the mail! I mean come on now, whats up with that???

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Wow, you're just a yougun'!

I hope you get your mail soon.

I'm glad you don't have to give up chocolate either. Bella might have competition for misbehaving at home.

Hope your New Year was wonderful!


Happy Birthday friend. I hope your day is a spectacular one.

Nikki Bond said...

Such a funny post Jeannie! Love it! Happy happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day! ;)


blueviolet said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Woohoo for Alex!!!!

I hope your packages arrive soon. It'll be like Christmas again. :)

Rita said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm going to be 60 so you're just a youngun' to me. ;)

I hope your mail comes soon. My first package just came yesterday! Have a couple more Christmas presents I bought myself coming later on--but this was the craft one. Going to go post pictures. I'll cross my fingers for you!! :)

Christina said...

Happy Birthday my Darling Darling Friend! You so rock! I am working on mail goodies for you although I guess you'd be getting it late anyway....sigh. Stupid PO

Sylvia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR JEANIE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....If you could here me sing you would definitely not come out from under the covers for at least 10 minutes. Hugs!

Sylvia said...

I love your post it notes! Guess until all your new stuff gets there you will have to make cards using old stuff and improvising! I hope you get your mail soon! Have a great day, Jeannie!

foxy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fantastic day - and year!

And I absolutely LOVE that SNL clip. She was such a riot!

slommler said...

Happy Birthday hun!! Have a fabulous celebration! And I hope your mail comes soon!! From November?? Yikes!! I would be crazy!!

Mighty M said...

Happy, Happy Birthday dear Jeannie! I hope you have wonderful day and I hope you get your packages very soon!! Thank you so much for the Christmas cards (online and in paper). :)

Mimi said...

Happy birthday, lovely!

I'm so glad you got to talk to the kids.

No mail??? I couldn't handle that!


AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Jeannie. I was gonna sing the song for you but I see Sylvia beat me to it. LOL

It sounds like both Alex and Bella are doing great. You have reason to be proud of them.

I hope you have a great birthday, can sleep soon, receive lots of cards and packages in the mail (especially the crafting goodies), and above all...have a Happy Birthday!

(gee, I can't even remember 44....LOL)

Mary said...

Happy be-lated birthday!! I'm sorry it takes me weeks, sometimes, to catch up on blogs...but I always make sure to start with you!