Friday, January 7, 2011

Hope on the horizon???

Couldn't sleep. Huge surprise, right??? Ugh! Actually I think I would have slept more, but with the onset of more stinkin' rain and my period's arrival, I was in major pain. So my head was exploding and my lower back was screaming. More sleep just wasn't happening.

So I dragged my sorry butt downstairs, made some coffee, took some meds, slapped on a Thermacare, and held my hot coffee mug up to my throbbing forehead. This sucks. This sucks monkey balls!!!!!

This isn't fair!!!!! I was seriously getting so mad and so frustrated! Wasn't there something I could do??? And no, I'm not going through menopause. I can't sleep but I have none of the other symptoms. And going to see the doctor isn't exactly easy. You see we're military stationed overseas and I'm merely a 'dependent'. I'd have better chances of being seen if I were an illegal alien or a criminal!! You call for an appointment, and if you're realllly lucky, you'll be seen in a month. Or so. Or be told there's nothing available and to call back. Later. And yes, it really is that bad. So unless I'm dying, or if it's for Bella, I avoid the frustration of trying to get the benefits I'm entitled to. That's just my reality.

So I'm just sitting here, trying not to cry. I checked my email. Then I hit up my Blogger dashboard to see what's up with the blogs I follow. Hopefully someone will have something interesting up that I can read and forget about my sorry situation.

And there it was.

The post that gave me hope! Praise God!!!!! I found this review, which will hopefully turn this whole pathetic mess around! I read the entire post, went to the company website, read reviews and shopped around. What else did I have to do at 2 am???

Philips HFC 3332

Product Description

Philips goLITE BLU Plus energy light, the number-one energy light sold worldwide, is clinically proven to naturally boost your mood and energy and fight winter blues in as little as 15 minutes a day. Featuring breakthrough Bluewave technology, goLITE BLU Plus provides the blue light you need to naturally boost your mood and energy whatever the season. This deluxe energy light is rechargeable and features an easy-to-use touch screen and a digital backlit clock with timer for convenient use. And thanks to its lightweight, portable design, the goLITE BLU Plus can go wherever you need it--at home, in the office, or on the go.

An Official Light Therapy Product of the National Sleep Foundation

Philips and the National Sleep Foundation are working together to help people understand the effects of light on overall wellbeing. Learn more about sleep health and how to work with your natural sleep and wake-up patterns to feel more energetic throughout the day with the sleep education guide, "Managing Light for Better Sleep," from the experts at the National Sleep Foundation. Each Philips light therapy product comes with a free copy of the guide.Together, Philips and the National Sleep Foundation are helping you to sleep smart, wake smart, and live smart.

Treat Winter Blues Naturally

Scientific research has shown that the natural rhythms of our bodies are regulated by light. In the winter, our exposure to sunlight is reduced, especially in northern areas. For some individuals, this reduction in sunlight exposure can result in a mood disorder commonly known as the winter blues, which is manifested by reduced energy, low moods, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Research has also shown that as little as 15 minutes of light therapy each day can significantly reduce symptoms of the winter blues. The Philips goLITE BLU Plus energy light effectively mimics the natural patterns and spectrum of sunlight that our bodies need most, providing a natural way to fight winter blues.

Advanced Bluewave Technology

Philips goLITE BLU Plus uses Bluewave technology to boost mood and energy levels and help fight winter blues. With Bluewave technology, goLITE BLU Plus is smaller in size and less intense than traditional white boxes. The goLITE BLU Plus also features a wider field of light than other light boxes and is uniquely angled to shine at your eyes. This means you can work, watch TV, read, or eat meals while using goLITE BLU without having to sit close and directly in front of it.

Easy-to-Use Touch Screen and Digital Backlit Clock with Timer

Philips goLITE BLU Plus features an easy-to-use touch screen and a digital backlit clock with timer. You can set goLITE BLU Plus to turn on at a specified time each day and for a specific duration--from 1 to 60 minutes. Or you can turn it on whenever you need energizing light therapy. Use the touch screen to adjust the light intensity to your particular brightness needs.

Philips goLITE BLU Plus is compact, unobtrusive, and portable. And because the light box is powered by a rechargeable battery (included), and because it comes with a protective case, it is easy to take wherever you need it. A battery indicator lets you know when it is time to recharge the unit.

The goLITE BLU Plus is backed by a two-year warranty.

side view

So I shopped around and found the best price on Amazon. Only one problem...they won't ship it to APO addresses!!! What the fragglerock??? Noooooo!!!! You can't do this to me! I shopped around some more and either this item was out of stock, on backorder, cost a lot more, or again, didn't ship to APO addresses. Now I was really pissed! You can't just dangle hope in front of my eyes and then snatch it away! What to do???

Time to activate "Find a Way, Make a Way!" mode!!! I thought, who could I ship it to, who would in turn re-box it and mail it directly to me?? Who would be willing to take responsibility for this, and the pain-in-the-ass hassle of going to the post office for me?? Most likely someone who really cares about me, and understands first hand the agonies of insomnia. I shot off a quick email and sure enough, got an almost immediate response of yes!! A hero!!!!! You know who you are, and I'm so incredibly grateful!!!!!

So it will arrive to my Hero's place of work on Monday and then will be sent on to me afterwards. I asked for Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation AND insurance, just because we are all aware of just how dreadful my post office is!! (asshats!) I just have to hang on a little longer....

This light is also good for people who suffer from ADHD and other focusing issues as well, so I will be plopping The Bellaboo in front of this bad boy every morning in an effort to get her little brain chugging along and hopefully help with her day-dreamy, winter brain!

AND I ordered some Melatonin too, which CAN be delivered to APO addresses. This brand/product got a ton of great reviews, didn't cost that much and at this point I'd try just about anything. Seriously!

So fingers crossed and I will keep you posted!! And three cheers for my Hero too!!!!!


Garden of Egan said...

I have heard of those lights. There are certainly studies that show that it is helpful. I'm totally an SADD person. I would love to do some travel nursing in Alaska, but I don't think my brain and my mental state would cope at all.

I hope you get feeling better soon. I had an OB/GYN tell a patient that they needed to be on 800 mg of motrin for a week before the period. It's a prostaglandin inhibitor. By the time the period starts the prostagladins are in full swing and it's like trying to pay catchup. Usually NOT working.

I hope you find something that works for you.

family of 4 on the move! said...

OMG!! Ok first let me say I am totally extremely happily married so when I say this don't take it the wrong way but...I am SO in love with you right now!!!
I have talked and talked to several people...pretty much anyone I can get to listen about being in this funk and not knowing why and even my friends were starting to think I was a downer but this is it!! I knew it was not just me and I knew there was nothing mentally or physically wrong with me either. I am so buying this item and hoping the rest of this horrible winter goes better!! Oh btw I will send you the websites to a few companies who you can actually open up a Stateside mailbox with and they forward all your mail to your APO address. It does cost extra but so does paying to ship to someone and then have them ship to you so it is a good deal I think.
You are fabulous!!!

Tammy said...

I was just going to suggest Melatonin. We had to sneak it in yogurt for our daughter a few years back. I heard you get vivid dreams using

I also take an extra dose of Vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight in the NW...we are gray and gloomy lots. I am sure that is what happened to me several years ago. I thought I had the flu and it was actually depression.

Hang in there girl! :)

slommler said...

Woot!! Woot!! I am so happy for you and I give a big clap on the back for your hero!! That is super. I forgot all about light causing mood funks! Ha! I have that too. And this week have been down and wondering why? Duh!!!! And melatonin is a good thing too. Very good hun. You will be swinging and dancing before you know it.


I had never heard of one of know anytime you need something sent can send it to me. I will be glad to be the jumper leg. Melatonin rocks...I use it primarily in the winter months and when I travel for longer than a few days. It has provided me with some much deserved great sleep.

April said...

I saw that light gizmo on "The View" awhile back and they had great things to say about it. Sure hope it works wonders for you! Being sleep deprived is the absolute pits because it messes so much with your ability to FUNCTION. Maybe the Melatonin will do the trick. Fingers crossed!

just call me jo said...

I hold hot cups to my head when I have a headache too. If that light thingy works let me know. I'm a mess in all seasons, however. But probably worse in winter. But here in AZ it's hard to blame lack of sunshine. I would be happy to ship anything to you any time. I got nothin' but time. Hope things get better. I will tell my daughter about the light for her ADHD son. We'll try anything...

Cassie said...

Bless your heart, Jeannie! I understand the dependent part. . .I tore some tendons in my arm back in September and I FINALLY have an appt. in a couple of weeks, ugh! I'm thankful I have anything, but wow.

I sure hope this light does the trick for you, my friend. It's no fun to be sleep deprived and cramps to boot makes it worse :(

Rita said...

Whoohoo! I hope this works for you. Sounds like something that any of us in the north could use in the winter. Let us know how it works for you and Bella after your hero ships it to you. Sounds hopeful! :)

foxy said...

Oh my goodness, GOOD LUCK. I hope that it helps... once it gets there, that is. Maybe take some Tylenol PM in the meantime or something.

Wanda Cullen said...

We have used light therapy on some of our patients over the years and it does seem to work. I hit problems with insomnia and mood swings with menopause...those hormonal changes can really wreak havoc! Hope you're able to find some relief with this new treatment! Wanted you to know you have an award on my blog! :-)

Amy said...

IM so glad you found a hero. You deserve some relief and I hope it works for you.

AliceKay said...

I hope when this arrives it helps you with your sleeping problems. In the meantime, hang in there. You're in my prayers. *hugs*

Mimi said...

Please let me know what you think of it. I'm off to see how much they are. I've heard about these to help even out my bipolar, but forgot about them.

You can send stuff here whenever you need to. I hope it works.


tattytiara said...

Hooray to your hero, but hooray to you too, because I've been thinking I wanted "one of those light things" since winter is hard, hard, hard for me too, but I didn't even know how to start looking or find a good one. I'm so glad I saw this post! Hope your care package arrives quickly and works wonders for you.

Stephanie Faris said...

I've noticed a LOT of people on Facebook and Blogger complaining about sleeplessness lately. There may really be something to this. You might also study "circadian rhythms." I'm not sure I understand it completely, but someone started telling me about it once when I was having odd random sleep problems.

Mary said...

Love, love, love Thermacare! I didn't realize getting into a dr. was such a hassle. Crazy.
So glad you found something that (fingers crossed!) may help! And, you know, I just bet any of us would've offered to have been your "go between" for you. Hope it helps!