Saturday, December 25, 2010

She's not spoiled....much, lol!

Getting ready for Christmas...
This is what Santa brought for The Bella!
Toys from Barbie and the Three Musketeers!
And European chocolates - yummy!
Her stocking hung with care...
Our little Italian Christmas tree
New wood crafted decorations!
I made two pumpkin pies and this apple pie yesterday!
Traditional Christmas monkey bread for breakfast!
I posted the recipe last year HERE.

One happy camper, lol!
Checking out her stocking loot.
Hello Kitty chocolate coins!
Opening the first, of many!, presents!
My little ponies!
Watercolor pencil set
Cinderella carriage
A kitty for Bella!
New teddy bear from Grandpa
Sooooo excited!
Barbie and a Fashion Fairytale movie!
Books from Grandpa
Bella's first makeup bag!
Three Musketeer Barbies
Fashion Fairytale Barbie
A Prince!
Art supplies
Littlest Petshop goodies
Rapunsel doll - she went nutz!!
Complete Cinderella carriage set
Polly Pocket camper
What's this???
New Wii games!!
Disney's Sing It & Princess and the Frog
This should be VERY interesting, lol!!!
More Barbies
Ohmygosh! What should she play with first???
Bella's haul
Daddy picking up the mess
Daddy's turn...
New, rare Army coin
Audie Murphy biography DVD
Signal Corps anniversary t-shirt
new puzzle
The Office DVD board game
The BIG present...
WWII radio frequency tester
He really loved it!!!
Bella still goin' nutz!
Love that Bella Booty, lol!
More pictures and video to come.....


Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Merry Christmes, looks like a really happy princess :) Ours is full of joy as well xxx

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Merry Christmas!

Catherine said...

A very smart lady once told me, "You can spoil meat, not babies," so ya'll rock on with all of Bella's loot! Also, we have the Office DVD game, too!! We'll have to do dinner and play it sometime! I'm glad you all had a great Christmas but where are mom's presents?

Frances said...

Oh, she is not a bit spoiled. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

AliceKay said...

All I can say is WOW! :)

Looks like you had a really nice Christmas together. :)

Lizzie said...

her hair has gotten so long!

and wow, she made out! i'm coming to your place next year :)

looks like ya'll had a great time. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Rita said...

What a haul! Bella will be busy for a long time. :):)

Glad Daddy liked his WWII thingamajig and his presents, but what about you? What did you get? ;)

Anonymous said...

I want a Christmas like Bella had LOL She got some good looking stuff there for sure. I got some good stuff but no barbies lol

Heatherlyn said...

Sweet Christmas! I would like some of the apple pie, please! I think that Thomas' radio frequency gift sounds very cool. Bella scored, as usual! What a wonderful day your family had! And your family deserves many wonderful days. You do such a good job of documenting everything on your blog. It's wonderful!

babyrocasmama said...

Holy shit! She got an entire store's inventory for presents! And look how long Bella's hair got! So pretty.

I hope she enjoyed her Christmas haul. LOL