Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping Goodies!

I had so much fun shopping yesterday (waving to Cat)!! Many of you asked for pictures, so here ya go!

My favorite costume jewelry/accessories store here is Bijou Bridgette! It's like Clair's only the quality is much, much better and it's for women - not tweens, lol! It's just heavenly and EVERY TIME I go shopping I stop in here and things just 'pop' into my basket! These are the things I've purchased in the past two weeks or so...not just yesterday. I'm spoiled but not that spoiled!! (OK, maybe I am that spoiled!!)
This bracelet is just amazing! So sparkly and the black really sets off the rhinestones!
This pin will be worn on my winter coat. Subtle yet elegant!
The earrings are total bling - and I love 'em!
I'm going through a big earring phase right now, lol!
And a long, loopy, beady necklaces phase too!
This is polished amethyst. SO cheap over here!
I love the shades of purple! (Betting Christina does too, lol!!!)
I've always had a thing for pearls, and I love that this is gold as most jewelry over here is silver. It makes for a nice change.
My most favorite find!! These are shades of gray pearls and looks so pretty on. That is when it's not a tangled mess! I wore it with a very dark grey sweater the other day and I felt so fabulous!
It didn't photograph well, but there are dark, sparkly, iridescent beads on here too and it's just so different looking.
I bought this too-cute purse for Bella yesterday.
With a matching coin purse, of course. She was so excited that she brought it with her to Ballet class. Only problem is that now she needs 'money to go shopping' with. I've created a monster!!
This is the prettiest and most luxurious scarf!! It's just so PINK!! I'm going to tie it to the handle of my brown croco Kelly bag. I'm in europe now - I have to be chic!! Right???
These are scarf headbands and I've seen women wearing them all over the place. It's easier and less bulky than tying a scarf around your head. Love 'em!

Another must-visit store is Kiko's. It's the most incredible makeup made in Milan. AND it's very affordable too!! The whole store is just so.....organized, and pretty, and color coordinated! It's hard not to squeal when you enter the shop!! I promise to bring my camera next time because you have to check out this store!!
Yes, I really did buy all this stuff yesterday!!! Talk about a kid in a candy store!
This is the coolest thing! It's perfumed shimmer powder spray. It's very subtle and smells divine! And I LOVE the bottle!!!
This compact is much prettier in person!
Inside? 5 rich eyeshadow shades!
These are individual eyecolors. I had to use my flash so the colors are distorted! No, the last one isn't orange!!!
The creamiest lipsticks ever! I mean EVER!!!
Super fun lipglosses - again color isn't true!
Two cream eyeshadows, and two eye liner pencils.
Lip gloss pencils!! SO rich and creamy and glossy, plus you can use as an outliner too. And a lip pencil in a color I've been searching for for years!
Liquid eyeliners - shimmery black, peacock teal (MUCH darker and richer in real life!), silver and iridescent. Fun, fun, fun!
Glitter mascara! I saw this last time I shopped and didn't get it. It's really a clear mascara and it isn't overly 'glittery' I'm happy to report. Perfect for a night out on the town...or picking Bella up from school. Whatever!

The purse shop! There are naturally tons and tons of Italian leather goods shops here. But this is one that has gorgeous stuff I can actually afford! I've been drooling over this bag for about two months now and for one reason or another, I kept talking myself out of it. Isn't that just silly???
Front of purse - again, color is off! GORGEOUS in person!
I alternately sniff the rich leather aroma, and then gaze at it with giddy pleasure!
Back of purse, with outside zipper.
It also has a shoulder strap.
Thank's to Cat's keen eye, I have the matching wallet.
It cost almost as much as the purse, lol!!
Inside of wallet
The bottom of the picture is actually the zippered section where you can put your loose change, etc. It smells just as wonderful as the purse, in case you were wondering, lol!!

We took a little break because neither of us had eaten that morning, so we had the cafe 'special' of juice, cappucino and a pastry. I had pink grapefruit juice and this delectable bit of pastry filled with vanilla AND chocolate cream. Totally decadent!!! And the about an awesome blast of energy in a little cup!! We were all perked up and ready for some more shopping!

AND THEN, we went to Emisfero to stock up on stocking stuffers (I found Hello Kitty purple and pink chocolate coins for Bella!!) and Italian treats for gift boxes. So. Much. Fun! I also got a package of the humongous green olives grown locally here and they were out of this world good!! I don't think I'll ever be able to eat the regular jar kind again!!!! I search out and try new foods every time I go there and I've yet to be disappointed. Italy just rocks!!!!!!

AND THEN, we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. I had beef with broccoli and fried noodles with julienne veggies. Tons of awesome tasting food, dirt cheap! The Chinese food here doesn't look the same and it tastes better too! And everything is fresh, fresh, fresh! Afterwards I came home, oggled my goodies and then picked Bella up from school. *sigh* Such fun!

And I'm betting it won't be too very long before I do it again!!! :D


slommler said...

OMG!! All you shopping finds are fabulous! Love the jewelry!! And those bling earrings are TDF!!!
Scarf bands? What a cool idea!!
Looks and sounds like you had a blast!!
Good for you!
Thanks for taking me along!

That One Mom said...

Look at all of that AMAZING stuff!!! What a haul!


sounds like an amazing day. You have a package in the mail....finally. Hope you get it soon. I mailed it yesterday.

just call me jo said...

You're the queen of shopping, lady. Great finds.

Regina said...

What a wonderful day and ohh sooo many pretty things. I love that..ummm wait..I think that my keyboard is shorting out from all the drool...LOL


Rita said...

OMGosh!! So many goodies! Yes...a little jealous--hehe! ;) What a great day!

Mimi said...

Those things are amazing!!!

Lucky girl.


AliceKay said...

WOW! That's a LOT of stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that is alot of beautiful goodies I love them all. You are so lucky to be able to wear the earrings, my poor ears would be itchy and turning red. Thanks for sharing and I just know you will feel so good wearing all your goodies :o)

Tammy said...

Love, love the chic...and you made a haul on the good girl! Lucky you! :)

Christina said...

YES YES Christina does ROFL! and the makeup WOW! I so need to find my inner princess again.

Ann On and On... said...

Lucky! :D

Frances said...

What fun you have been having!! I want to BE you and I don't even like to shop! LOL! I would love to own most everything that you purchased though. It is all beautiful!

Intense Guy said...

*sounds like Homer Simpson*

Ohhh... Chinese food........



Vickie said...

Look at all your goodies! The bling is sooo pretty!

scrappysue said...

so purdy and pretty and shiny! bling bling bling!!!

Mary said...

You are so smart to start my Christmas shopping! I'll anxiously be waiting for the gray pearl necklace in my mailbox ;o)
Great finds girlie!