Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

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Vickie said...

I will sign the petition to kick Mrs F out!!

Who invented sinus infection anyway:p

YAY to Bella!!

family of 4 on the move! said...

OMG I can't believe you are already done with Christmas shopping!! You go girl!
I am still internet window shopping and trying to figure out what to get within our holiday budget. The hardest part for me is getting everything I want to get for my family without breaking the budget we set up..yupp I am a total budget breaker!!
Good news on the cat!! Bad news on the dog! lol

Rita said...

Oh I hope they kick her negative butt out of there!! :):)

And I hope your sinus infection clears up fast.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I can't believe your shopping is finished. Bella is doing so well with the program.

AliceKay said...

Awww...I hope the sinus headache goes away. The rest of the post-its gave me big smiles when I read them. :D

Have a great day shopping!

That One Mom said...

You're done with Christmas shopping already?!?! Wow! You. Are. Amazing.

Diane said...

You're done? I haven't even started!

Have a great day shopping! :)

just call me jo said...

Yeh for getting bad teacher OUT! I'm glad you are shopping with a friend. How fun! Boo for sinus infections--the worst!

Casey said...

Get that teacher out! I can't believe you are done with Christmas shopping. I have sooo much I need to do. I hope you feel better soon.


I lack one Christmas gift...but then I shop all year long...and keep them in a special closet. I hope Mrs. F gets what is coming. Congrats on Bella's advancement....that should show that hateful teacher! Enjoy the shopping trip...and hopefully you will find everything you are looking for....(shoes, earrings, purse, scarf...etc.)

slommler said...

Yes it really is too bad that Bella can't handle her work load!! Such a shame really! Ha!
And I hope you shop for purses and shoes first! I mean, a girl has to have priorities!!!

Regina said...

Yeah for the Bella!!! I hope that she really get's kicked out on her hiney....seems she is the one that can't keep up.

Ummmm...want to come and do my Christmas shopping..LOL!! Most of my gifts will be handmade so not much shopping to do..thank goodness!!

So the kitty decided to rule the house huh..LOL!! They are so much fun to have..enjoy!!

Happy you have made friends and I do think a new purse and earrings should find their way home with you..YOU deserve them.


awww...thank you for my lovely card. You made a down day a happy one.

Allyson said...

I'm doing a little happy dance over here for the petition that's going around!! WOOT!! Those people just needed a little kick in the pants to show them that they weren't crazy - that she is the crazy one and has no business teaching!!!

Also, my mom is so completely in love with John Stewart's new book, it's hysterical. So, you are not alone. I just haven't gotten it yet.

And I can't wait to hear what kind of Italian goodies you all find while out today!! I'm headed to the commissary where I will be picking up my own Italian goodies, named Barrilla. ;-D

Kristina P. said...

Wow, a petition! Has she gotten worse, or has she always been this bad?

Renegades said...

Wow your Christmas shopping done. I'm impressed. I've bought a couple gifts and thought I was really on it. Evidentally not.

Go Mommy said...

I am almost done with my holiday shopping too! It is such a good feeling then, I can enjoy the season without feeling stressed!!!

Mighty M said...

I am almost done with my christmas shopping too - it is such a GREAT feeling!

Hope your headache goes away soon!

Intense Guy said...

So is the neighbor with the puppy cute?


Hope your sinus headache goes away just like Mrs. F(rankenstein)

April said...

I can't believe you're done with your Christmas shopping already! You make the rest of us look so bad!!! :)

Mimi said...

I love that you started a movement to get rid of that old bat!

Deanna said...

Wish you could send some of that rain my way, but not much hope of that.

Yea for Bella! It would be nice if the teacher would realize on her own that she is past the teaching age and retire.

blueviolet said...

I hope the petition removes that rotten Mrs. F.

Grand Pooba said...

Jeannie Jeannie!


I love you.

And your post it notes

AK Stamper said...

So glad that Bella is doing much better now that you got her outta that ole biddy's class room.....if I could I'd sign the petition also!

As to Christmas shopping....ba hum bug! LOL

Sorry about the sinus infection, I suffer from them too and have to have a prescription to clear it up or it turns worst.

Hugs Shell~Alaska♥

Ann On and On... said...

Shopping in Italy....be still my heart!
I love your post-its!

babyrocasmama said...

Don't you absolutely LOVE IT when perfect strangers not only prove your point, but prove you right?

What is happening with the bully child who was targeting Bella?

The Diva has finally proven to her PITA of a teacher that she can behave and is smart enough to be in a K1 class. HEH.

PS: Can I get you to email me your address so I can send you snail mail?