Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

Wow, it's been a full, busy week!! Bella started ballet again and has had two lessons so far. I volunteered in Bella's class to make "applesauce" and help finish up their apple unit. Work on the house is almost done and by next week I should have pictures posted. And I've been making my cards again - so much fun!!!!

Just turn your volume all the way down. It's always so loud in the waiting room!

Bella LOVES being in ballet!!


Just LOOK at what Lynn made and sent for my Bella!
Isn't this the cutest Barbie outfit ever???
Lynn is just so crazy talented!
Bella says THANK YOU!!!


And more good mail...this Scentsy burner came from Tauna - thank you so much!!!!! It's perfect for my kitchen and I so appreciate the thoughtful replacement!! You rock!


How do you like my FREE EARRINGS?? They're actually really nice and you can get your own free pair HERE! They aren't diamonds, but they're very sparkly and come in a cute heart shaped box!


Bella helped me make some French bread! She loves helping out in the kitchen!
Look at this happy face!
She was concentrating so hard, lol!

I hope you had a great week too, but if you didn't - I hope this week is the bestest!


Christina said...

I am hoping this week is better. We will see after I go back and talk to the school about kyla's incident.
Bella looks happy as a clam.

AliceKay said...

Bella certainly looks like she loves her ballet classes. Maybe that will boost her confidence and help her with that nasty old school teacher.

What a cute Barbie doll outfit Lynn sent Bella. That was really nice of her to do that. And you're right...Lynn is crazy talented. :)

Pretty earrings. I only wear small earrings...never big ones or loops or anything that hangs down. Never have, probably never will. I guess I just never liked those styles. These don't look very big.

Bella looks like she was having fun helping you make the bread. Cute little helper you have there.

Have a great week. :)

Mimi said...

Next week has got to be better, I hope, lol!

I got a pair of those earrings too & forgot to post about them. Thanks for the reminder!


Lynn said...

Bella is so welcome and thank you for the compliment, I will try and make her a few more hopefully different colored ones since that seems to fit her barbie well, Im so glad that it did! I bet that scentsy burner smells good, I cant use anything like that because for some reason it makes my chest feel like it is getting congested smelling that stuff, I wish I could though so my house could smell wonderful all the time :o) Wow you are making bread without the bread machine??? LOL I printed me out a bread recipe to make that sounds really easy so when it gets a little cooler here Im gonna make it and I printed out a pumpkin bread recipe that sounds yummers too. I hope you and Bella have a good week, HUGS

Intense Guy said...

Lynn is just the sweetest - isn't she?

I think Bella's smile holding her doll just makes me smile right back at her.

Annie said...

aww, Bella looks so happy :)
Thanks for the suggestion about the earrings - gotta try them!