Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

Good morning bloggy readers! (Actually afternoon for me, as it took for-ev-a to upload pictures with my it's-Sunday-morning-so-let's-be-slower-than-death-internet!!!) Anywhosers, I thought I would do something a little different today and show you what made me happy this week, rather than just making a list!

But first, can I ask for some help??? Many of you have asked if there was anything I needed/wanted/couldn't find over here and I couldn't think of anything. But I need a couple of things if anyone is interested in sending them to me (please???):
I need two jars of chicken, and two jars of beef bouillon cubes. I really don't care about the name brand, as long as it's in jars and in cubes.
I need two magnetic hooks like this!! I have a small window on my back porch door (which is metal) and no curtain for it! I can buy a small curtain rod and curtain, but can't find these hooks anywhere!! Help!
Our commissary doesn't stock celery seed!!! I use this a lot so I'm missing it big time!!

Also, fresh cilantro is $15.00/lb here. That's right - NOT a typo!!! So I want to grow my own but I can't find seeds for it because Italians don't use it. So a nice packet of cilantro seeds would be heavenly, so I can grow my own inside this winter!

Please email me ( if you can help - thanks so much!!!


Happiness Pictures:
This is a fresh, homemade loaf of bread.
Can you smell it???
My new bread machine and bread keeper.
(Yes Rachel, it's the exact same one I gave you before we left, lol!! I didn't know we'd have 110 outlets here and our bread in the commissary is usually stale the day you buy it - so I'm making my own!!)
Perfect, perfect bread!! I have Four Cheese Onion baking now.
(It smells soooooo good!!!)
Love my new, great cookbook!! Gorgeous pictures!
Notice my new kitchen towels? Very Italian!!
My Kindle - "books on tap"!!
Happy, happy reader over here!
My Kindle cover. It's prettier in person!
Currently the ONLY clock in the house! This is hand made by an artisan who specializes in pewter. It's really quite heavy and I fell in love with it. It is sitting on my kitchen windowsill but will eventually sit on my new desk that is in my household goods which is somewhere? over the rainbow? way up high??? as yet undelivered but hopefully not lost. Again. The winged lion is a symbol of St. Marc, patron saint of Venice and the Veneto Province (which includes Vicenza). When you see the lion with an open bible, it means that city or town was an ally of Venice. When you see it with a sword, it means the city was conquered by Venice. I have no problem being conquered by Venice, lol!!
My Venetian blown glass, pewter enhanced limoncello glasses! I had heard of limoncello from the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" and made a point of checking this out when we got here. I had some at our very first dining experience and it's soooooo good!!!!!! I can't really describe it but it's very lemony, very strong but not too strong, and delightful to sip on!!! Especially in these gorgeous glasses! There is a wonderful bottle of good limoncello in my freezer as we speak! (It's best served cold and the freezer is where you store it!!)
These are my Venetian crystal wine glasses. They have 24 kt gold trim and are so gorgeous, that I've been too afraid to use them yet, lol! I think as soon as we get out stuff (someday), I'll use them for the first really nice Italian dinner I make!
A bit o' good news! We did FINALLY get our hold baggage in on Friday! It was a very small shipment that was due a month earlier, but alas, it is finally here!!! It was nice to see something that meant "home" to my little yellow teapot!!
And some of my tea!! English Breakfast and Apricot - yummers!
Praise God!! Our DVD player and Wii stuff made it here intact!! No more AFN for us!
This is my bed. It's still an uncomfortable, Army bed, now has my perfect, brand new pillow on it, a fabulously thick Queen size mattress pad on it, and Egyptian cotton sheets!!! These were all in our shipment too. So even though everything is Queen sized, and our bed is Full sized, it's about 10000000% better!!! You spend at least 1/3 of your life in bed - get good sheets!!!!
I can't sleep without my "ocean" sounds! This machine is priceless to me!
My Italian clock. It is so big, and so bright, and I love it!!! The acrylic edge lights up if you want it to and actually looks pretty cool at night.
Yummy snacks: Italian coffee flavored cookies (so light like ladyfingers!!) and German chocolate bars!! The chocolate is like $3.00+ in the states and they sell here for $0.50 - yay!!
Happiness is my sock monkey slippers in Italy!
My ugly floors are REALLY cold!! LOL!
My soon-to-be stamping room! I'll be painting it a pastel yellow very soon!
Bella in her room, at her make-shift "desk". The kid has her own DVD player, stack of movies and computer with WiFi internet connection. SPOILED, lol!!!
Steaks in the sink thawing. We got our propane tank filled yesterday, so tonight I will be grilling for the first time in Italy!!! I'll be making roasted potatoes with it too. Yummmmmy!

So that's my Happiness List this week!
What's on yours???

Adding my list to Mamarazzi's List!


Kel said...

Where did you move? Italy? Germany? I lived in Germany for 4 years. We loved it. If you venture out to some of the local grocery markets you may find some stuff the commissary doesn't have. Especially delicious, fresh European bread! Best of luck!


Limoncello rocks. I fell in love with it in Italy...and get it here the stuff. Did not get cute glasses like those when I was there. I have a ton of cilantro seeds...will send ASAP.

Christina said...

Loving the adorable glasses my friend! I am so glad at least one of the shipments got there. I know how it is to finally have some of your own little stuff to make it feel like home! Doing a happy dance for ya!

PS I did blog this morning.


Cherie said...

How funny that you can't find things like boullion and celery seed in Italy. Crazy!
Your bread looks SO SO yummy!!
We stayed in Sorrento on the coast for a few days and they are known for their Limoncello - their were lemons groves all over it was beautiful! The glasses you bought are gorgeous!
I am in LOVE with your sock monkey slippers - Can I ask where you got those. I can only find the kind that have a big toy monkey head on them - I like these because they are flat and more like a sock. If you remember please let me know!

Have a GREAT week!!

Kristina P. said...

I have got to get me a bread machine like that! Love the sock monkey slippers.

LindyLouMac said...

We grow celery here so I am surprised you have not found seed!
Good to hear some of your things have started to arrive at long last.

Garden of Egan said...

Give me your address lovey!!!
I do believe I have celery seeds to last a lifetime. (I used to have a food storage co-op)

I love the monkey sock slippers!!!!
They looks so darling!

How in the world do you and Thomas cope with just a full size mattress????
Bella looks like a happy little soul.
Way to be the breadmaking mama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg all the food looks yummy and Im so glad that you got some of your stuff this week that is fantastic news. On my happiness list is today my daughter and her hubby came over and we all had lunch together and it was just nice spending time with them I love them so much :o) I will see what I can do about your need list ok girl, I hope you are having a good day! HUGS

Mimi said...

What a great post! I NEED some of those slippers.

I'm so, so happy that you are finally in Italy. I hope you do find a violin!


Mamarazzi said...

hey should totally link up your sunday blessings with my weekend Happy List linky party.

this is a great list!

love love love the sock monkey slippers!

AliceKay said...

Your bread looks so good. I've never owned a bread machine, but that bread looks great. :)

I'm glad some of your stuff has arrived safely to your new home. It looks like you've added some very nice things. Those glasses are very pretty and the clock looks special. Pewter has a class of it's own.

I hope your feet are warm now.

That Bella is one lucky little girl. LOL

I hope the steaks tasted great! :)

Intense Guy said...

That bread looks so HUGE!!!

I first saw it and thought, wow, she could make an Igloo out of BIG bread loaf/cubes.


Where do they sell cilantro seeds?

Mary said...

It's so nice when you finally get YOUR stuff!! If I had a pair of slippers like that, I'd probably never take them off :o)

Allyson said...

I'm so glad I've been holding on and adding to your box. But it's definitely going out tomorrow. I don't think these gummie things are supposed to last forever. Also, I'll some of each of these since I'm sure you'll use them, even if other people are sending them. And I just love that clock! I love things that have a "meaning" behind them. And I think you are probably already conquered by Venice, but I don't see that as a bad thing. As for the steaks? I hope they were as stinking fantastic as they look! YUMSTERS!!

Congrats on getting your hold luggage. Now for the rest....fingers and toes are crossed and so are Neal's!

KatCollects said...

Hi Sweetie,
If you still need bouillon cubes let me know, I would be happy to send some to you. I hope by now all of your things have arrived safely.