Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

Hi Bloggy friends!

I am still trying to stay positive about the whole moving know, considering that BOTH of our household goods shipments are "lost" and I don't know when, or (*gulp*) if, we will ever see them again. We are lied to every time we call and I'm tired of the "guarantees" that never happen. I'm fairly sure neither has even shipped yet, but they can't seem to FIND THEM to know for sure, nor do they know when they will ship or when they are due to arrive here. Basically? They know nothing. (asshats) And it's "out of their hands". Yes, seriously; they said that.

So Republic Van Lines - you sucketh!!! You like to collect nice, fat government contracts, but screw over the people you are supposed to be serving!! And in this case, a military family that has busted butt for six years to acquire this dream assignment, only to have it tainted because we literally don't have a pot to cook in!

But belongings aside, we are trying to make the best of things. Having Alex here is a big help, especially with her vehicle. That way we can run our errands, travel and generally make the most of things.

Here are some recent pictures and videos...
We recently ate at Burger King for lunch, and seeing that they had real ribs, on the bone even!, I decided to shell out the $9+ for it. LOL!! Yeah, they are real ribs, on the bone, but holy moly....1 inch ribs??? Seriously??? They are the same size as the onion rings, so you can see for yourself. So ridiculous that I just had to take a picture! Bottom line? Save your money! I could have gone to the commissary and purchased a large rack for this price and made dinner for my whole family!
Bella had a cheeseburger and loved it though!
This is my new favorite bread! It's light sunflower bread, made fresh daily. It is FABULOUS!!
Thanks to the post's lending closet, I actually do have a pot to cook in. Three actually. And I made some red beans and rice with sweet Italian sausage and fresh shrimp. Yummy! Cooking in my own home is something you reallllly miss when you can't do it. Now if I could just get my hands on my Pampered Chef stuff....*sigh*...

There are tons and tons of cats around here, but they are totally skittery. I don't want a wild, outdoor sure would be nice to have a furry friend! And no cat, no matter how wild, can resist free tuna, lol! And you can see a bit of my front yard too!
Hanging out, hoping for more goodies!
This is part of my side yard.
I never did get a decent pet outta them!! *sad face*

We took a trip to Emisfero yesterday with our neighbors. It is like a Walmart, a Target, a dollar store, a Kohls, a butcher, a baker, and candlestick maker all rolled into one. It's just COOL!!!! We were in utter sensory overload and loving every minute of it. All the stores were connected, Emisfero was just one of many, so that it has a "mall" feel to it. Upon going inside, we saw this display...
I personally love this stuff, but not so much that I need one bigger than my head, lol! If you haven't tried it, it's a chocolately hazelnut spread that is good for you. Or not. Whatever, it's delish! Chances are your grocery store has this so do check it out!!
This was in the bakery section. Almost too pretty to eat!!
Italian pizzas! They have some outrageous combos of toppings!!! They also sell the dough in a ball if you want to roll out your own. I didn't get any but our neighbors said it was fantastic.
Where we live, we have access to fresh seafood daily!
Octopus anyone??
Who knows....I might just try it!
Tons of fish too!
This is the premade salad I bought for lunch. It was deceptively small in the container, but turned out to be HUGE and I couldn't eat it all! The very bestest salad I ever had too!!!! Those white balls are fresh mozzerella - ohmygosh, SO GOOD!!! And the olives and tomatoes are incredible here too!
Thomas had this salad with fresh tuna. He really loved it too.
This is pizza bread. Totally soft and delish!
Carbs! Glorious Carbs!!!!!!!!
Same thing, but with crushed red peppers sprinkled on it!
Two different kinds of salami!
The deli section put every deli I've been to in NY to shame, and I was totally ok with that, lol!!!
Cream filled donuts!
These do look almost too pretty to eat, but somehow we managed! I can't even begin to tell you how incredible these were. Just an explosion of yummyness!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 'EM!
Made fresh that day, with such care and talent!
This mocha chocolately liqueur one almost made me faint with happiness!
Could the fruits be any fresher?? NO!
Real whipped cream too! We shall be back for more...soon!!!

Bella heard this song one time in Alex's truck, and then knew nearly all the words! She just starting singing it so I handed the camera to Thomas, who filmed it. Such attitude, lol!!!! We were going out to eat...

We went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner last night. You start with their salad bar (wowzers!!!), and then you are served meat....after meat....after meat...until you literally tell them no more. Or it keeps coming! It's endless. It's fabulous. It's gut busting, lol! Sooo yummy good, I can't even tell you. All cooked to perfection over their grills all day long. I should have taken more pictures, but I will next time. The servers are so funny and obviously love their job.

Funny, true story: So I'm sitting there, getting served some delicious meat or other, and the waiter turns to me and says something in Italian. Now I'm way more than a little buzzed outta my gord on the house wine at this point, and gorging on super delicious food, so I just smile up at him and don't say anything. When in doubt, shut up I say! I'm sure I looked like the utter, drunken goofball I was, lol!! So then he says, in English this time, "Are you Italian?", to which the obvious answer is no! Luckily his English was better than my Italian - (dammit!). So I finally get flirted with and I'm too ignorant and buzzed to enjoy it!!!! Which of course cracked me up and I laughed like a hyena for about five minutes. With snorting. In public. Good times, people, good times!!!!
This is the tirimasu I had for dessert. The real stuff!!! Olive Garden, give it up already!!! We also had grilled pineapple and it was so good I wanted to cry, but didn't.
Cappucino!!! So strong, so foamy, so MINE!!

Italians eat dinner very, very late by American standards. This restaurant opens at 7:30pm, which is when we arrived, but there was only one other family there then. About the time we were ready to go, it was just really getting revved up and the live music began. Bella wanted to sing and it was a good time to get outta there. 'Cause you know what? Mommy wouldn't have been far behind, lol!!
We all had SUCH a great time!! Tons of wine, laughter, good jokes and 2 1/2 hours of eating, eating, eating!!! We will definitely be back again!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG I first have to say that Bella singing that song is just too darling she is just the cutest and those little faces she makes I was laughing through the whole thing!! Thanks for sharing that. Wow on all that food I would love to take a day trip like that yummers for sure! You deserved that good time girl and I sure hope you get your stuff soon my heart breaks for you on that :o( HUGS


I loved this web log from start to finish. You made me remember all the things I loved so about Italy. The pastries and pizzas....and breads were all to die for. Italy is a culinary delight for sure. I hate that your stuff has not arrived yet. It will...I am crossing my fingers. Happy Sunday my friend.

jenelljm said...

I love the picture tours of Italy you have been putting up . Thank you so much for sharing with us !


Mary said...

It all looks amazing, and lets hope kharma catches up to the moving may not be around to see it...but they'll get theirs!

Christina said...

You so suck now I totally miss Europe!

just call me jo said...

Your creative juices are just flowing, flowing...All those desserts--think I gained weight just looking at them. Lots of emphasis on food there, huh? Oh, dear, I'd be soooo FAT!

Fingers crossed that your stuff comes through soon. I love my stuff. I'd be lost without it. Good luck with yours...

AliceKay said...

I sure hope your things arrive soon. I can only imagine what you're going thru without your own things.

I loved seeing all of your pictures....except for the seafood and the octopus. *shivers* The desserts looked scrumptious.

The video of Bella was really cute. She did a great job singing that song. Thomas was really creative with the videography in the one section, too. LOL *two thumbs up*

It sounds like you're having a great time getting to know your surroundings despite the problems you're having with the moving companies. Keep the pictures and the stories coming. It's a delight to read. And hang in there. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I have this feeling once you buy some replacement pots and bedding and what have you - yours will show up at the doorstep...

I'd get so fat I wouldn't be able to walk if I ate in Italy...

Looks like Bella is adjusting - I hope she likes her new school.

Grand Pooba said...

Jeannie!!!! I can't wait to catch up on your blog! I miss you! I can't believe all that food, that tiramasu looks like I could get drunk off it lol!

I still can't believe all the moving cluster F****s you've gone through! Have you got any of my emails? Some keep coming back to me :(

Kristina P. said...

Just rub all that food in my face, why don't you! :)

Evonne said...

All that food, my goodness! It's been a long time since I was in Italy, but I will never forget the food!

I've never had octopus, but my husband has. He said it's chewy, but if cooked right, really good.

I'm sorry about your stuff. I hope something can be figured out.

Deanna said...

Now I am SERIOUSLY hungry! Everything is so exciting right now - it is a shame your belongings are in never never land right now. Bella is so precocious! Keep the posts coming. Enjoying them a lot.

Frances said...

Now I totally want to go to Italy! What delicious looking food! OMG! I am really hungry now.

Cherie said...

Jeannie I really do hope they find your stuff. That is just crazy! I hope you didn't have too much sentimental stuff that they lost - I mean other stuff can be replaced (pain as it would be!).

babyrocasmama said...

Maybe you have to talk to the kitties in Italian? LOL

And that food...yum!

I have been to the type of Brazilian restaurant you are talking about...OMG the food is wonderful! And that meat they walk around with on the spit and just slice right onto your plate...Now I'm starving...thanks lol

I hope you get your stuff soon. Is there no one that can help you? That Pampered Chef stuff isn't cheap!

By the way, did you get my email the other day or will I have to go and have it forwarded again to you? LOL

Annie said...

awww, it seems that you're living my dream life!! - good strong coffee, nutella and all those good deserts :) awwww....
ok, I just started a diet last Sunday, so all I've got is strong coffee :(
Hope you get your stuff reall soon.
please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, dear!

Vickie said...

You crack me up! I am sooo glad you are back.

Woo hoo! Someone flirted with you. It has been years since someone flirted with me. Hey, so what that you were a little buzzed and snorted. He came over and flirted!!!

I do hope you get your stuff back. That would really suck...they have all your stamps and such!!!!!!

LindyLouMac said...

Despite your problems you seem to be settling in, you will soon be accustomed to the differences in the way of life here, Then you will never dream of turning up before 8.30pm at a restaurant. :)

scrappysue said...

italy really is sensory overload as far as food is concerned. are you trying to kill me with the pictures of those custard and fruit pastries? jealousssssssssssss!

Mimi said...

Except for not having any of your wordly goods, it sounds like an amazing place!

Dreamer said...

I am SO jealous!! the pics are awesome.. I love the pastries! i want to eat them off my screen! ^_^ and YUM! pizza!!!! <3