Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Ohmygoodness! What a week it's been too. If you are a "regular" here, you might have noticed that I haven't been blogging daily like I normally do. As our Big Move gets closer and closer, I have a feeling you will be finding that happening more often. There are only so many hours in the day!!!

This has been a long week in some ways, but also a very productive week too. Now that Thomas and I had pretty much gotten over whatever that crud was, it was now Bella's turn.
Poor lamb!
She had a fever that just didn't want to let go and a dry, hacking cough that sometimes would get her going so hard that she'd vomit. NOT FUN!!! But I'm happy to say that she's feeling much better, and this is the second morning in a row with no fever. I have to say that having that little computer for her has been SUCH a blessing, as it's kept her entertained and lying down at the same time, lol!!

I was able to make tons of cards, both commissioned work and for challenges, this week. I was a crazy stamping woman, lol!! I soooo want to share with you all, all the things I made, but I can keep a secret. If I have to.....LOL!! It's hard though! I also have been going whole hog back with the UN-mounting stamps process. It's my hope that I finally finish today. Hopefully!!! It's saving so much space and weight, it's crazy!!!! I plan to do a video when I'm done showing my cleaned up room. (You know, after I clean it up!!)

I was also busy with housework that had been neglected when I was sick. Playing catch up with your home is the pits!! The dust fairy and the dirt hag gave me huge doses to clean up!!! It's just so much easier to maintain a clean house than to start from square one!!!!!

Lots of appointments have been made. It's going to be a busy month, and next week especially. Dentist appts, and optometrist appts, gathering up necessities for our hold baggage, etc etc etc. OK, I'm tired already, lol! But it's all good and all steps to get to our goal of ITALY!!! Yay!

A good week all in all, because life is like that - the good with the bad, and every day is a blessing!!


And now for my award...

The Happiness Award!

This happiness award will be given to five bloggers, every Sunday! (Every Sunday, unless of course I get sick, I forget or the Rapture occurs!!!) Those five bloggers will then pass it on to five bloggers. This special award will be given to bloggers who truly have happiness in their hearts and pass that on to everyone they meet, and everywhere they go. They know that happiness is a choice, and always choose wisely. Always looking on the sunny-side of life, and keeping their sense of humor, these bloggers are a joy to read!!! So the Queen Bee says to BEE HAPPY!!! The awardees this week are:

Heatherlyn from Scatter Sunshine

Alice Kay from Alice Kay Is Here

Tammy from Tammy’s Two Cents

Jo from Just Call Me Jo

Annie from Annie’s Creative Place


LindyLouMac said...

Happy Sunday to you and your family, hope your daughter makes a quick recovery.

blueviolet said...

Oh, sweet Bella. I can practically feel the fever from here. :(

I can't believe how soon it's getting to be to the move!

Mighty M said...

I know the look of a sick child well, hope she feels better soon! So excited for you as you get ready for the big move!!

Kristina P. said...

I know how Bella feels! I woke up this morning with a cough and a sore throat.

just call me jo said...

Thanks for the award. I TRY...Sorry your baby is sick. That's the worst. I'm sure you are uber busy. Hope all goes well for you this week and everyone gets healthy. Love to you all.

Christina said...

Poor Bella! Yes the next few months will be hectic but worth it. I can not wait to see the CLEAN stamp room LOL!

AliceKay said...

Aww...poor Bella. It's hard seeing a child sick, especially if it's your child. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better now.

Your countdown says 43 days so time is clicking away rather quickly. I can't begin to imagine what it takes to make a move like you and your family will be making. I hope your appointments go smoothly this week.

Thank you for the award. I don't think I deserve it because I can be quite pessimistic at times, but thank you for thinking of me. *hugs*

By the way, that quote in your header looks great up there. :)


I hope sweet Bella is well soon. I hate it when children are sick. Thank you for the gorgeous picture of the ladybug and the made me smile. Today was a tough day at the churches...the end is so near and I am an emotional basket case. Next Sunday is my last one with the Praise Band (charter member from day one)...and our last Sunday with the Waverly congregation. My sweet Barbara (90) told me today that she was struggling because in her 30 years of being a member of the church...she had never felt so close to a pastor's wife. The feeling is the same on my part. God definitely sent us there...because he knew with all the crap I would be dealing with...I would need some Momma love...and there they were. Love and Hugs girl.

gigi said...

I hope this week will bring you many more blessings!

Sandy said...

Poor Bella :0( Hopefully she will be feeling better soon!

How exciting that it's getting so close to your big move!

Intense Guy said...

Happy Sunday to you and I hope Bella is all Bettah tonight....

43 more days... Still plenty of time to learn Italian if you believe it... :)

Melissa B. said...

Oh, hope The Bella feels better soon! And thanks for sharing some more happiness today. Can't wait to visit these folks!!

Garden of Egan said...

Get better Bella Boo!
Sounds like things are getting pretty exciting.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sound like you got so much done. I hope your little one feels better soon.

Brooke said...

poor bella, hope she's up and better in no time!

Heatherlyn said...

Thanks for the award!

At least, you should all be healthy and well by the time you move!!!

I agree that it is so much easier to keep a house clean than to clean it up. And it is impossible to stay on top of the housework when you are sick!

I bet this next month FLIES by!

Deanna said...

Hope Bella is in tip-top shape today and you quite passing that crud around!

Congratulations to the winners of the award!

It won't be long and you and all of your stamps will be moved. Amazing!

Lynn said...

Im so glad Bella is feeling better. I hate cleaning house lol Congrats to the awardees!

Tammy said...

Aaahhh...thanks dear! I love this award! I will definately pass it on!

Annie said...

awww, poor little Bella! I hope she is much-much better now! It is so hard to watch kids when they are not feeling well. Sending you an extra hug for that! :)

OMG!!! THANK YOU for the awesome award - thank you! thank you! Thank you!!!!! I've been sucking lately and was not on the internet, so I'm picking up my award little later - I'm sorry about that. But THANK YOU soooooooo much for it!!!! I will post it proudly on my blog and pass it on. Thank you, darling!!!