Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Mish-Mash Post

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I simply cannot breathe!!!!! I alternate between being stuffed up one minute and going the through the box of Kleenex like greased lightening the next! Pollen is my mortal enemy!! What really stinks is that today is Bella's Field Day at school and I know if I go, that I will be paying for it all weekend long. BUT it's her very first one!!! DILEMMA!!!! Thomas has some training to go to all day long, so he can't go and he has our only vehicle, so not only would I have to go alone but I'd have to walk there and back too. Not a big deal unless you're incredibly allergic to dust, grass and pollen and you live in Georgia. We'll have to see.


I've had my headaches again this week so didn't craft much (and so I'm behind AGAIN!!). This is seriously getting so old already! This is what I did get done...

Custom birthday invitations.
These will be added to my store!

New card technique!
So easy and fun!!!


Pictures from the other night...

Bella watching a video...
Blowing Mom a kiss
Daddy getting some neck!
Death grip!
Weird human totem pole!
The Bella .....pouts!
My two goofballs!
They make me laugh. Usually. Not this morning, but usually!

TGIF people!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


blueviolet said...

I really, really loved those photos of Bella and Daddy!!

Mighty M said...

Very cute pictures! Sometimes Hannah gets tired of headphones and just watches the movie "silent". Does Bella ever do that?? :) Have a wonderful day!!

Annie said...

awww, such cute pictures of Bella with Daddy! - they are so much fun!

Your cards are darling, Jeannie! I specially like the new technique - totally cute!!!!

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm going through the same stuff wiht allergies and migranes. Have you tried Sudaphed OM spray? I'll send you a picture...

gigi said...

Great family pics.

This has been a rough week for me too, maybe it's just Georgia. We live in Brunswick, GA.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend.

Deanna said...

I hope you made it to the field day. Ding dang allergies! It looks like it is going to rain here. Shoot - I was going to get a few pictures. Going to run! Oh and the pictures were cute. So are the cards. lol. later

foxy said...

Man, I hate allergies... and I feel your pain!! I can't even think about breathing during the cedar months.

Adorable photos, per usual! Happy Friday!

just call me jo said...

So sorry about the allergies and headache. I get stuffed just reading your post...snuffle snnff!Bella and Dad are so cute. This too shall pass...I hope!! Good luck with the walking to school meeting thing. Maybe eating Mexican food will open the passages?? Worth a try!

Dee Crowe said...

Great photos! Ugh I hear you on the pollen and dust and all that...its not fun!

Hope you have a great weekend despite the sniffles!

Garden of Egan said...

Those are some cute Bella pictures. What a darling little personality!
Love the Human Totem Pole.
The cards are really cute too. You are very creative.
I have 6 days off now and I hope to be making some.

Kristina P. said...

I love throwing fun parties with cute custom invitations. I will definitely keep you in mind!

hipchic~cynde said...

Love all the photos!
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling
well. The invitaion cards are great. I really like the first on with the cupcake!
Have a great weekend

Heatherlyn said...

I love love love the fold-out cards! What a fantastic idea!

I'm so sorry about the allergies. That is just NO fun at all!

Vickie said...

Awe! Them two are so cute!

Great fold out card, Jeannie. I gotta step out of the box.

sorry about the allergies. Hope things get figured out.

Was playing with your ball game when I first came by. FUN!

Also love the Farmville on Fire picture. LOL!


I am sorry you are feeling bad...mine has left the stuffy part...and turned loose so I have a gross is making my ribs hurt. I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day! Loved the pics of Bella. She delights me. Hugs!

Frances said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. We have it too, all the way over hear in Texas. Well, I don't get the runny part. My head is always stuffy and hurts. Thank goodness for drugs to make the ache tolerable.

Hope you feel better soon.

Love the pics of Bella and Daddy.

babyrocasmama said...

I hope you feel better soon, hon.

The pics were great though. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Great pictures and have a Happy Mother's Day.

Sorry to hear about your breathing. Perhaps the doctor could prescribe a Netipot?

I got my first nose hair wax (don't ask, it has to do with Teacher Appreciation) today and grossly enough, it totally cleared my sinuses.

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a terrible time with your allergies. I have a Neti Pot, and it works pretty good at flushing the crap out of your sinuses. It's a weird sensation, but it works. I bought mine at Kmart, but you can probably get one at any pharmacy or department store.

I hope you were able to go to Bella's field day. She would probably be very disappointed if you couldn't go.

The cards are really cute...and so are the pics. :)

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Christina said...

Bella pouts???I just do not believe that! Love your envelope card~

Intense Guy said...

Cupcake card is toooooooo good!!!


Durn, I wish I still celebrated birthdays...