Friday, April 9, 2010


Today Is The Official
No Lurking Allowed Day!!!

There are some Bloggy Readers that read my blog every single day! Thank you.....but....could you maybe, just maybe, post a comment too? You know who you are!!!

I've also lost quite a few Bloggy Followers in the past week!! Word finally got out that I'm boring, huh??? Must be time for a new giveaway. Details Sunday....but feel free to start following now! *hint*


Today is the BIG DAY!!!
My pre-order stuff from the next mini catalog arrives today!


That UPS Driver better hustle his buns today! Get off the daggone cell phone and bring the Queen her new stampin goodies already!!! (please!)


I haven't been crafting very much lately. Part of it is that I'm really tired. The pollen is messing with my sinuses and I don't sleep very well when I can't breathe, lol! Part is that I'll sit down to eat lunch and get sucked into Bravo Television!!! It's always something and when I start watching those Housewives, I just can't stop!!! ADDICTIVE GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT!!! I'm also used to the house being really quiet with Thomas at work and Bella at school. They're both home with me this week. You do the math, lol!!

But I did get a couple of things done, AND photographed!
This was for a swap partner.
We had NOTHING in common, but she posted that she liked Asian inspired art. Hopefully she will like her card and her package!!

This one is really special, lol!!!
Waffles and Boobies!
It's an inside joke, so don't be alarmed that this doesn't make sense to you. Just more of my twisted sense of humor, lol!!! I was really happy how the "waffles" turned out though!!! I didn't have a stamp for them (can you IMAGINE that???), so I had to improvise!

Make it a great day everyone!!!


Debbie in Nashville said...

Hey Jeannie! Just stopping by to say hi and wish you a wonderful Friday.

I hope the UPS guy gets there soon. Beautiful cards, like always. I always enjoy seeing your wonderful card creations!

Mira said...

so pollen is messing with you too? stupid thing! LOL

Jenny S said...

You cannot say "waffles & boobies" and not give a little explaintion! hehehe! I do love the boobies though. Very cute!


Happy Friday my sweet friend. Hugs to ya! Loved the cards...Waffles and boobies made me laugh.

Lori said...

Such beautiful work you do!!
Have a GREAT weekend! :)

Kristina P. said...

You make the best cards for your friends!

Deanna said...

Pollen is messing with my daughter's everything too. It is crazy.

Love the cards- especially the boobie one. LOL There are a lot of twisted humor souls out here.


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that your blogs are so not boring I wish I had as much to say as you did, they want to see a boring blog they need to see mine LOL oh well their loss if they decide not to visit you anymore. I sooooo love the cards and the boobie one is just wonderful lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend and you see the UPS truck soon hugss

Christina said...

Your waffles are great!

just call me jo said...

You? Boring? Are you kidding? Never! Love the cards. Waffles and Boobies--aaah! I love it though I don't know the inside joke. My imagination is probably funnier than the real story...

Good luck with the UPS guy! Little cuties in their brown shorts...

Cullum Family said...

BORING????? wtc??? you are not boring...i can't read every day these days because of our connection but i try to catch up and comment. I LOVE THE waffles and boobies comment would love to know the inside joke...hint hint... :)

Intense Guy said...

We had some rain last night which really helped with the pollen thing. Everything was coated by a thick layer of pollen dust... fortunately the only part of it that bothers me is it gets the windshield mucked up and I can't take pictures through it while driving 70 mph.


I hope your UPS guy looks good in his brown shorts.... LOL!

Cheeseboy said...

I was going to comment on the dragon post as you have inspired me to fork out the bucks and actually take my boys. But then... Waffles and Boobies?! Sounds like a pretty good inside joke.

MaBunny said...

not a lurker, still a follower:) I like your cards, they are pretty. The few you've sent me have been really cute. Hope all is going well.

Heatherlyn said...

I thought your waffles and boobies card was fantastic! :) The waffles turned out great!

Also, I wonder if it isn't some sort of blogger thing with losing the readers. I just read another fabulous blogger who said she lost a few on one day. So maybe it's just going around on a technical issue. That happened once before I remember.

Happy Friday! Sorry about the pollen. It's always better to be able to breathe!

shana said...

I'll confess that normally I just lurk, but I would have commented today anyway...because, waffles and boobies? Please explain because that's got to be a good story.

Frances said...

Hi, Queenie! Happy Friday! I kept looking at that last card before reading the description and thinking I was some kind of pervert because it looked like waffles and boobies.

Thank the Lord that is what it was! LOL!

Amy said...

Since you called out the stalkers, I guess I need to speak! I do comment, just not every time, but I do read. Every.Blog! :)

Anjeny said...

You didn't buy out everything in that warehouse, did you, Jeannie? I won't be able to get anything this Saturday if that is the case..LOL. Naaah, I'm just curious and excited to see what you got. Did I tell you how happy StampinUp is having you onboard. I'll just bet they move real quickly to fill out your order when they get em, eh? I don't blame them, I would too..eheh.

Anyways, I love the cards..the waffles is an ingenious idea. I hope the pollen can leave you alone soon. I love seeing your creations. I haven't been in a creative mood, I have a workshop/swap tomorrow night but I'm too darn lazy to even think about it.

Oh and will never be boring. Believe it or not, I get inspired and motivated by your positive attitude and your blog so posh on those who left you. :)

Chickens in the Basement said...

Love the bra!

I've lost a few followers lately, too. Does that mean they came to our blogs, chose not to be friends any more, found their face amongst my other followers, and made their faces go away?

Strange, huh?

Melissa Miller said...

LOL! Too funny girl. Love the pretty cards. You are so talented!

I'll check out your giveaway and no way is your blog boring my friend! You have a great mix of humour, crafts, warmth and family. Perfection. Great job!

I have lost so many followers in the past few months. Sigh.
It is seriously getting me down since I have no idea why. :(
Is my blog boring? I know I post the same crap over and over but I can't help it if I'm not crafty right? I suck at that stuff. I'm not sure what people want to read or see at my place. Let me know if you have any ideas I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Melissa Miller said...

Humor not humour. No wonder people are leaving my blog. I can't spell.

It is *mantel* not *mantle* for the fireplace meaning though. It confused the heck out of me and I had to look it up. Ha!

Cherie said...

Waffles and boobies? I would like to be in on that joke - LOL!

Pollen seems to be getting everyone this last couple of weeks - Welcome

Have a GREAT weekend!

Vickie said...

Hon, I have never been bored with your blog. Neva, Eva!!

Love the waffles! You should submit that card to a crafting magazine, with instructions on how to make the waffles!

Garden of Egan said...

I loved the cards!!! Waffles and boobies? I really wanna know the joke.

Annie said...

awww, Jeannie! I have never left and will never leave - LOVE your blog, girl! It is never boring!!!!

Hope UPS guy made it to your home and you've got your goodies :)

AliceKay said...

I missed out on this post yesterday because Fridays are very busy for me. I checked before work but nothing posted yet. I hope you had a great Friday though.

Nice cards. I loved the first one and what it said on the front. Waffles and boobies?? Don't worry...I won't ask. LOL

Mimi said...

What?? Something you don't have a stamp for, lol!

Yours turned out great.

Mighty M said...

I hope some of your lurkers left you a comment!!

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Okay, Im 5 days late,but late is better than never, right? Long time reader & follower. I just really suck at commenting :P

And you are not boring!! :)