Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I dare ya!!

What would your life be like if you lived the lifestyle of the rich & famous?? How would sudden wealth change things for you? Would you like to dream for a bit...???

You have just won $100,000,000.00 in the lottery! In this perfect world there are no taxes (HA!), so all the money is available for you to spend....ANY WAY YOU WANT TO!!!

So what would you do with the money??? Travel the world? Shop til you dropped? Start a charitable foundation? Ride every roller coaster in the world? The possibilities are nearly endless!!

Champagne Dreams & Caviar Wishes
My newest swap on Swap-Bot!

You will either make or buy two cards, one for each partner, that represents your idea of high living. On the inside, make a list of what you would do with the money. The list must be at least ten items long, although you can make a longer list if you wish!

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otin said...

If I were rich, I would hire people to fill out my ten items list! LOL

blueviolet said...

I would pay off all my debts, pay off all my kid's student loans, put enough into a nest egg for retirement, invest almost all of the rest of it and maybe take one vacation. I really wouldn't change my life at all. I'm such a loser. I wanna kick my own self in the ass.

Melissa B. said...

Sounds like fun! Let's see...

o I'd give a lot of the money to Miriam's Kitchen a DC social services agency for the homeless.
o I'd pay off my house, and the domiciles of close relatives.
o I'd say "adios!" to Our Humble High School.
o I'd go to the beach and sit awhile.
o I'd invest, and when I make more money, start the cycle all over again!

Cheeseboy said...

I'd buy a Pro basketball team and a newer Hyundai... like a 05! That would be pretty sweet.

Amber said...

Hmmmm....doesn't money buy happiness? No, I know it doesn't....but it does make it easier. I would foresure have to share it with my family...especially my parents.

Christina said...

LOl you kill me I want to see YOUR list!

Intense Guy said...

Laffs @ otin's comment.

After the bills are all paid:

I know I'd spread some of it around on a number of causes my fellow bloggers support.

I'd enjoy supporting them with their walks for this - and fundraisers for that.

Be a lot of "pay it forward" to be done too.

Anonymous said...

I would have to call work first off and tell them to kiss me hiney LOL..that swap sounds fun!! hugsss

Heatherlyn said...

I don't think my life would change that much. But I would pay off my student loans and our mortgage and tavel more. And right now I could do all the kids summer clothing shopping. They just keep growing!