Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I Stamp...

Well, I stamp because I love it! I love having an outlet where I can be creative, because the fact of the matter is that I'm NOT really that creative!!! I always wanted to be able to draw and paint, but even with lessons I just didn't have what it took. Zero talent, people!!! I was so intrigued with Christina and Vickie, and their beautiful creations. I wondered....could I do that too???

Why, yes! I COULD!!! And it's easy!! I'm the kind of person that gets bored easily though, so this is an especially wonderful hobby for me because the techniques that can be used are virtually endless. And there are gobs and gobs of talented women out there who generously share their ideas, and make videos for people to watch and learn from. My list of things to try grows daily!!! As does my wish list of supplies and "toys", lol!!! There is no such thing as "enough" crafty supplies!!!

Besides crafting for crafting's sake, I enjoy making cards because it allows me to help people. I like helping people and making a positive difference in their lives. Sending a card to someone is like sending a hug in the mail. And a handmade card is just that much more personal for me. This is why I'm a Spirit Jumper. People battling cancer can use all the hugs-in-the-mail that they can get! Sometimes I send funny cards, sometimes cheer up cards. Sometimes they are for special occasions and sometimes just "because". The people I care about are worth the time to make something special, just for them, and the 44 cents to get it there!

So when my friend A.K. lost her cat I felt really terrible for her. As a cat lover myself, I know how much pets become part of your life and family. It feels like losing a family member and it hurts. A lot. I wanted to send a card to her right away, but things and life seemed to always get in the way and time passed. Then I started having the dreams. Of her cat. And he told me what to do to help A.K. And if you think that is weird, then you don't know anything about the power of love and that it really does go both ways, even with animals.

This is what Tiger told me to make...
It's called an Explosion Box, and when you lift the cover off...'s like a mini scrapbook album.
(click to enlarge the photo)
I also sent along this card to explain the box.
I can't make people's problems go away, or heal broken hearts, but sometimes just knowing that someone else cares is enough to get you by. BIG HUGS A.K.!!!!
I also like to participate in swaps! I love seeing other people's creations and sharing supplies. This one was for a paper swap; of paper itself, punched paper and images on paper. This is what I sent to three partners and I look forward to seeing what I get in the mail!! EVERYONE loves getting packages in the mail, right??
Don't you love my "bunny"?? It's from my Build-A-Bear die but I cut off the bear ears and made bunny ears instead!! It wasn't my idea, but I tweaked the idea someone else had. This will be made into a card today!
What do YOU like to do?
What is YOUR special talent?
Have you thought about what YOU can do
to make a difference in the world???


Cassie said...

Jeannie, that is so touching, and precisely why I am a cardmaker myself. Thanks for sharing that and reminding me why I do this too. I love to make people smile with a handmade card. Heck, I smile when I get them too, and stamping is definitely an outlet for me too. My husband always says that there are worse things I could be doing during a deployment, haha. I suppose that is why he supports the habit so fiercely ;D

Deanna said...

I can only imagine how much that box meant to A.K. I know the card you sent to me was such a wonderful surprise. It made my day!

I have many hobbies. The one that gives me the most pleasure is embroidering bibs and burp cloths. I give them to our church charities and donate them to mothers who have chosen life, rather than abortion.

I used to scrapbook and hope to one day find the time to do that again.

You are VERY talented! And VERY sweet!

foxy said...

Wow - that explosion box is so very cool! I just love it.

hipchic~cynde said...

I love the box!!! It is so great.
You are very talented :)
I am so not when it comes to card mom and sister are but I just stick to sewing and fabric crafting.
Have a great day.

The Blonde Duck said...

How cute! I think you're so talented!

AliceKay said...

You are a very special person with a love that is genuine and sincere. That's hard to find these days.

Thank you for the Explosion Box with little pictures of Tiger inside along with those little messages of comfort. It meant a lot to me knowing someone could care enough about me (someone who has never met me in real life) to do something like that for me. Your blog post today brought a few tears to my eyes..but they were good tears, just as I had yesterday when I opened the box. I was deeply touched.

What you might not know, because you weren't reading my blog back then, is that I lost my other cat in May of last year while I was away on vacation. Tiger helped fill the void that Abby left behind when she died.

You're a very special person who gives from the heart. You're my kind of people. Thank you for being who you are. *hugs*

WhisperingWriter said...

You are so talented.

I love to read. And write.

Melissa B. said...

I have to say, Jeannie, that you're the QUEEN of Creativity! I wish I could do something neat like that with my hands. As it is right now, I work with words. But continue to be jealous of folks like you!

Amy said...

Jeannie, you are talented! Don't ever think that you are not. I really am inspired by you every time I see a post about your endless efforts and extraordinary talents in what you do. Truly!

I think that my hidden talent (or maybe more like my passion) is photography. I've loved it as a child. I never stopped to think what I could do with it to help someone or make someones life brighter. You just gave me something to ponder! Thanks!

KK said...

I'm not crafty at all, you rock!

Garden of Egan said...

I just recently got into the card you well know....and I'm surprised at how much I LOVE doing this. I love to touch paper and cut it and get ideas. I could spend my whole day doing that.

I love the explosion box you made for your friend. That is so thoughtful.

Love your creations.

Mira said...

I have one important question. ;) What (type of) paper did you use to make the box and cards? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Girl I just love your post you are just the best hugsss you tight that is just so sweet for what you made for A.K. she is going to love it!! Right now I like to crochet but I have dabled in paints and it is fun but I'm just not great at it, but I do love trying to paint something and seeing the life come to paper or whatever the object is being painted and I hope the difference I make in my town anyways is the chemo caps I make for the cancer center here...I love your bunny and that is going to be a wonderful card, hugsss

LadyStyx said...

Love the box, what an awesome idea.