Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

This past week wasn't very fabulous. In fact, parts of it were downright craptastic!! But...even on bad weeks there are usually good parts too, if you choose to look for them. And you never have to repeat a bad day. Two really great blessings!!! See? It's all in how you look at things...
Bella has been getting less than wonderful reports from school. She's smart as a whip, and tops in her class on reading AND math!!! But...sometimes she has a hard time focusing and staying on task. And sometimes she just doesn't feel like doing whatever she's supposed to be doing. It gets very discouraging for everyone involved. As a means to try to get through to her, we have been taking away privileges; no computer time, no movies on her dvd player, no tv, etc. But this has had a benefit in that she has been playing with her toys she's neglected for over a year!! So now she's using her imagination more, and even when she has a good daily report, she tends to want to play with her toys rather than be "glued into" a movie or computer game!

Here she is playing with her train set!

I love this kid!!
Hopefully she will get an S+ every day this week so she can have the two new movies (Princess and the Frog, and Barbie Mermaid) we bought for her!! She can't have them until she has a full week of good reports! COME ON BELLA!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!
Thomas has been sooooo wonderful in letting me sleep in this weekend, because I haven't been sleeping well at all and because during the week I wake up to an alarm clock which I hate, hate, hate!!! And not only has he been letting me sleep in, he'll come into bed to snuggle-cuddle and pet me and massage my neck, back and shoulders. Ahhhhh, such bliss!
Of course The Bella has to join in on the action too, lol!
Two Goofballs!!
Pretend "wet willy"!

Due to a week of crappiness and not feeling well either, I didn't craft very much. I did however make four cards; three for a swap plus an extra! They are all different, but basically the same design. I hate making things exactly the same, lol!
What do you think?
I had Bunco on Friday night. I really wasn't feeling great (just got my period) and was feeling pretty ticked off with my uninvited Troll situation, but Rachel made me go, lol! Thank you Rachel! Cindy was hosting it and lives off post, and I think it was just what the doctor ordered!!! Everyone brought food and we had a lovely pot luck dinner. Everything was scrumptious too!!! I finally got a bunco (two actually!!), and wound up being the last person holding the fuzzy dice and got a prize!!! Yay me!!!
My prize - Cindy made this!
It's filled with rice scented with a yummy smelling oil. You can use it hot or cold, and just the thing for my achey lower back!!! Thank you Cindy!!! I'm going to be hosting it next month and we're having a Mexican Feast!! Can't wait!
And last, but not least....
This came in the mail yesterday!!!!!!!
So now Thomas can take this into the hospital and get my paperwork officially stamped as being medically cleared to go to Italy!!!!
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Kristina P. said...

There really are few things better than sleeping in!


Sorry about the craptastic week. I know that feeling well...that was my week too...tell Bella we are rooting for her. I know that feeling too...I also am like that...I was diagnosed with Adult ADD several years ago...don't take medicine for it...and sometimes...I can't stay focused for the life of me. Sigh! Glad for the clear papers. I got my good report too this week...on all those nasty tests. Yuck! Love the cards...of course I always love your cards. Have a much better week.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Are her focusing issues due to the fact that she isn't challenged by the work?

Glad the week ended well.

WhisperingWriter said...

Yay, my pap smear was normal too!

I'm impressed that she's at the top of math. I'm horrible in math.

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like your bad week is going to turn into a great week.
Bella is a doll. Glad she's using her creativity.
Never played Bunco, but there sure are a ton that do. Sounds fun.
Have a wonderful week.
The cards are darling!

Mighty M said...

You saved the best news for last - that is awesome you get your medical clearance!

I hope Bella gets all her "S's" too!!

Your hubby is so supportive of you - that rocks! :)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad your report came back normal. You can continue planning your move to Italy and not have to worry about the medical clearance holding things up.

Bella is cute. I hope she does well in school this week so she can watch the new dvds.

I liked the cards. :)

Have a great week.

Tammy said...

Yay for good news! So glad you got your clearance, I know that was weighing heavy on you. Brad is the same way as frustrates me so much when you know he can do it and doesn't. We have conferences tomorrow so we will see how he has been doing. His report card was good! Let's have a better week than last week, K?

LadyStyx said...

I've been thinking along the lines of what JDaniel4'sMom said, as I was reading this. It could be simply that the work isn't challenging enough. My brother used to act out badly during school until they stuck him in some accellerated courses to keep his mind engaged. It could also be that she's excited over the move (like her mom!).

*heads off to the next blog, leaving a huge case of Troll-B-Gone on the table for the regz to use against those nasty trolls*

Anonymous said...

I love the cards they are so beautiful and the colors are so spring like, I sure hope you have a good week and CONGRATS on your normal pap smear *high fives*

Bella, your such a pretty lil girl, you can do it!!!!!! GO Bella Go Bella!!

MaBunny said...

cute pics of Bella. Love the cards you made too. never played Bunco, but remember my mom being in a bunco club. I LIKE Pokeeno and Canasta.
Glad all your tests came back normal, and that Italy is that much closer!

Dreamer said...

Yay! All clear to go to Italy!!! ^_^

Love the cards, btw! ^_^

foxy said...

Excellent on being cleared for Italy... I was beginning to worry there for a minute.

Deanna said...

Yea, yea, yea!!!! on getting cleared.

My oldest grandson is like Bella. Super smart but sometimes hard to keep on task. I think it is the result of boredom. I think it is good when they get away from all the electronic stuff and get back to the basic, use your imagination, toys.

Have a wonderful week!


Heatherlyn said...

Your cards are beautiful!

Those rice things are really wonderful, too!

Hope this week is much better!

Vickie said...

I like the cards. Very springy/Easter like:)

Hopefully you feel better this week. I was feeling poopy last week too.

Yeah to gettin' cleared!!

ps. Sleeping in is almost as good as money;)

Grand Pooba said...

Hold on, I can't stop laughing that you posted your pap smear results on the internet...

...okay, I'm composed. Sorry you had a craptastic week! But that means this week can only get better.

Okay so what the hell is a troll?

Allyson said...

YAY for being cleared!! It's amazing how much stress one little checkmark can cause isn't it?? Sheesh!! And I say "3 cheers for playing toys and not watching movies!!" It's funny when a plan backfires. ;) But this one had very positive results. I think children these days tend to lack an imagination of their own, separate from movie plots and game strategies.

I LOVE the cards and they are so springy! I need flowers and pastel colors. It's all that's saving me when it only hit 40 today. BLEH! How ironic that we may move to Georgia shortly after you all leave. HA!

KK said...

Way to focus on the positive!