Friday, February 5, 2010

Date Night Friday

Today was a girls Date Day. I love those and I love the girls I hang out with. We're all Army wives and we are all so proud of our soldiers. We're wives and moms and even though we're all so very different in some ways, we're very much alike in the ways that count. {{Group Hug!}}

I did not pick this movie. When I saw the previews on tv, I told Thomas there was no way I was going to see this movie. Why on earth would I pay money to see a movie I've lived - three times at that! That's right, three times. Thomas has deployed three times to Iraq (OIF I, OIF III, and OIF IV) and that would be for eight months, twelve months and fifteen months each, or 35 months total, which equals 1,065 days and sleepless nights. Away from me. In harm's way. At war. So no, I didn't want to hear about a love story between a soldier and a girl, through letters back and forth. I've lived it, thank you very much.

But Kindra picked the movie. She's sweet and gorgeous and we're going to forgive her, because it's the Christian thing to do and we love her. But this movie really bit it!!!!

I was totally sucked in because I'm a hopeless romantic. I want them to just ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Is that too much to freakin' ask for Hollywood??? Seriously, is it??? So they fall in love. And he deploys. And they send beautiful letters back and forth. Hand me the tissues already. Because I'm sucked in and I'm crying. And I mostly don't even care that Kindra, Michelle and Rachel are all laughing at me. I'm in. And then the letters stop coming. And we see that utterly, totally hot-assed soldier hurting. Alot. But he keeps the faith. And holds on. And waits. And waits. And then it happens.


What was intuitively obvious to just about everyone but me, happened. I really and truly did not see it coming. At all. At first I just gasped, because seriously, I didn't see it coming. For real. So I did the only possible thing I could do. I actually said out loud, "That hateful bitch!!!". Did I mention I said it outloud?? Yeah. Oh well. And yes, the girls laughed at me.

That dirty, rotten, no good, bug-eyed bitch dumped her soldier while he was at war!!!!! Now if anything deserves capital punishment, that does. And guess what? He gets shot, twice, on his next mission. And I cried. Because he was already wounded before he was ever shot.

I was ready to go home about then, because I really didn't want to see any more. But it got more sad, and then more sad, and then sadder still. And I don't want to EVER see another movie that bug-eyed bitch is ever in again. Ever!! Never, ever, ever!!!!!!

I'm really glad we had lunch first (which was delish by the way!!), because I wouldn't have had an appetite afterwards. Yes, I really do know it's a movie. But you know what? I've seen it happen in real life. And it's real. And it's really sad. And regardless of what problems you might be having in your relationship, you DO NOT DITCH your soldier when he's out there fighting a war for his country!!!!! Isn't that right, Lisa??

You see Lisa was the bug-eyed, hateful bitch in real life (even though she didn't really have bug eyes, she was however a hateful bitch), that I slapped so hard across the face that my bruised hand throbbed for a week. She was cheating on her husband while he was deployed and was bragging about the vicious "Dear John" letter she had sent him. I'm really not a violent person. But knowing the cruelty she had done, it just overtook me. She's not on my Christmas card list anymore either. Go figure.

Being a military wife isn't always fun. Many times are really tough, and not fun at all. It's hard to worry about your soldier, day after day, not knowing where he is, or what he's doing, or what hardships he's facing, or if he's ok. Day after day. The not knowing is always the hardest. But you do it, faithfully and honorably, because you are privileged enough to love and be loved by the most honorable of men. A man willing to fight to the death, for you. You do not strip him of his most protective armor, your love and support, because you selfishly decide you can't handle it any more. You might as well send him off to war without a weapon!! They have to know, to their core, that you are home, safe, and waiting for them. You have to be their rock. So they can do their job and complete their mission. That's just the way it is.

I will be the one picking out the movie next time. Oh yes, you can bet the farm on that one!!! And you can also bet the farm that my soldier will be supremely appreciated tonight too!!! Rachel close your eyes...and yes I'm talkin' about sex, lol!


Paloma said...

I didn't continue reading the post just in case I go watch it... (I guess you'll be upset to read I might still watch it LOL!)

I skipped some paragraphs on your post to only read the end of it.... and if the movie is the cause of such a special display of affection for your soldier tonight... then be ready because he might BUY the movie!



Teri said...

Oh, that is terrible! I am NOT seeing this movie!!

Have fun tonight!! :)

Grand Pooba said...

Thanks for spoiling the movie for me.

Hahaha! Just kidding. I wasn't planning on seeing it and now that I've learned about bu-eyed bitch's dear john letter, I definitely won't be seeing it.

I don't know how you army wives can handle life! You deserve medals!

Cherie said...

You are such a crack-up but I am so glad you posted about the movie.

I actually read the book a couple of months ago and the book was good.

I was wondering how the movie would be. Sometimes they take things out of context and ruin the book with a bad movie - sounds like this is the case. I'm not wastin my money!

Anonymous said...

Hugs you tight cuz I think you need it :o) It is so sad about the dear john letter your friend did, and I learned a long time ago to already expect the worse in any book or movie that has Nicholas Sparks name on it because more times than not he does not believe in happy endings, I read his book message in a bottle and threw the book across the room he made me so mad, hubby thought I was crazy LOL, you have a good night appreciating your hubby :o)

AliceKay said...

Hmm...guess I don't need to see this movie. LOL

I'm glad Thomas has returned safely home to you after each of those deployments. Big hugs to you,and a big thanks to Thomas for defending our country and preserving others.

*closes her eyes, too*

The Garden of Egan said...

You make me laugh. I hope you've settled down by now. Happy for your hubby though! (winkin')

Christina said...

In all fairness think of the title of the movie DEAR JOHN and the fact it was a soldier. I read the book but I saw that coming as soon as I read the title. It sucks knowing we all know hateful spiteful people like that in the military. Thats why people think we all cheat on our husbands. WE know better though we know better then to hurt them in the worst way you ever could hurt a man who lives for you when he's fighting for his life.
Just know I agree!

Jenny said...

Bug eyed bitch indeed!
I agree with every single word you said. I was the little girl who waits for her dad to come back from the war. I know how difficult it was for my mum to look after all 3 of on her own, then as we grew she had to do it al over again three times..
The one who isn`t on you xmas list shouldn`t be on anyones xmas list!
I wont watch the movie, I need happy hollywood moments, this will make me cry.

Have Fun Tonight;-) LOL

Ayelet {Jenny} X

sandy said...

So glad you warned me before I wasted my money!

Anjeny said...

That was deep Jeannie. The title of the movie pretty much give it away for me, just wasn't aware that the guy getting dumped was at war. Sorry about what happen to that soldier friend of urs and I'm happy that Thomas made it back to you on all three times he was deployed.

I agree totally about what you matter how hard things get, a person shouldn't just up and jump ship on their partner especially if the partner/spouse is fighting a war...cruel indeed what your friend Lisa did.

Hugs and kisses to you. Glad you will be treating your man to some great loving..eheh. In case I haven't mentioned before, I am one of the most grateful for what your hub and all the rest of the soldiers doing for our country. My nephew just got deployed right after the Christmas holidays and I pray constantly that he will be watched over...along with all the rest of the soldiers out there in whichever posts they're assigned.

Chickens in the Basement said...

I have a rule...Only read Nicholas Sparks books when you have read everything else on your book list.

No wait, there are two rules...Never ever see a Nicholas Sparks movie. At least with the book, you can cry in private. In the theater, it is hard to pretend you aren't hyperventilating with snot running down your face and blinded by your tears!

I think you need to be Dear Jeannie for the military wives! Forget Dear John!

Annie said...

Jeannie, all I can say - you are AWESOME!!!! I love everything you stand for and LOVE how you are! what an amazing person you are!!!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I can't watch his movies either - too much for me!
But I'm glad you feel as passionately as you do about it. And I want to say thank you for standing by your husband as he fights for all of us (oh and thanks to him too, for doing the fighting).
Happy Saturday Sharefest! said...

Hopped over to say "Happy Saturday Sharefest" and got moved. Wow.. great post.

Thank you for supporting your hubby as he serves our country, and thank you to your hubby!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

i admire your courage honestly! loved this post and you did so good to this Lisa!
MIght read the book, I loved the notebook !
Stopping by from SITS x

Shell said...


I know they would change it from the book...but, he gets shot? He doesn't get shot in the book!

What about her husband, dying and John uses all his money to secretly save him?

Wait, no, don't tell me.

Deanna said...

I think I'll go back and read the book again...

I can see why you are so passionate about this, having lived it.

Huge hugs and a big thank you to both you and Thomas for what you do.

Did you seriously slap the real life bug eye one? lmao! You rock!

I must be a Jeannieist! lol

B said...

I don't know why I cry over peoples posts but I do. Thank you for enduring your sleepless nights while your brave soldier goes off to protect us all.

Mary said...

I just saw the movie yesterday...I didn't hate it as much as you, but I agree with your points.

My hubby's ex broke up with him while he was in Ranger School (3 months of hell), which made things hard when we first got together. But it gives me so much pride to hear him say that he KNOWS he never has to worry about infidelity with helps me solidify that I have done my job in showing him just how much I love him!

Heatherlyn said...

First, you are the BEST!!!!!! This was one of my favorite posts ever.

Second, what a DUMB movie? Who wants to go see a movie like that? Hollywood is nuts.

I totally agree about everything you said. I don't even have anything to add. You are simply completely right.

Kindra said...

Hey Jeannie! I found your blog all by myself!!! Yea Me!!! I have laughed for ten minutes just reading your posts... I truly think you missed your calling as a comedian. : ) I'm sorry that I picked out this movie, I can clearly see that it has ruffled your feathers. You can pick out the next one, but you guys better invite me! Remember, it must be on a Friday!!! lol... We should all get together more often! I just love our group dates! You ladies are all awesome!!! I'm going to begin to make my blog now...

Vickie said...

I heard about this when the book came out and the book critic already exposed the fact about the Dear John Letter.:(

It is sad when it happens and how horrible that chick not only cheated but bragged about it!! Some people just suck Jeannie.

I probably will not see it so...does he die? :(

Thanks for your comment again. You the best:)

Sarah Beth said...

I just saw this movie tonight. HATED IT. Also, don't like her, but more b/c she reminds my man of his ex-girlfriend. Regardless, it was a terrible movie, and although I'm not a military wife, I live in a military area and I've met so many people that had these things happen. Heartbreaking.


If I could...I would salute you right now! Thank you for the honesty...and BTW...I did not see it coming either when I read the book...and because I read the book...will not go see the movie....I believe as you do...Dear John letters are a cowards way out. Just went through this with our nephew...he was in Mosul...and devastated...we were in the states...and worried sick.

Gay Vaughan said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I hope the sun is shining where you are!

LadyStyx said...

Well... I guess that is one movie that I can cross of my Must Watch list. I don't think I could handle that.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I was wondering if the title really was what would happen in the movie, crazy. Not sure I want to see it, love his books usually but they always make me cry.

I never get out for movies so I guess we'll see when it hits dvd.

Superjaxster said...

I declined an invite to see this movie. I had a feeling it would end badly. But hey -you are one awesome chick for sticking up for our soldiers (and slapping the non-bug eyed bitch!) I don't know why some people are so cruel and selfish...But you, my friend, ROCK!

Libby said...

Tha Nicholas Sparks really knows how to suck at writing...but in the horrible, makes you cry anyway, type of way.