Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Sunday Blessings

Wowsers, talk about your late starts!!! Thomas let me laze around in bed till 9am, (THANK YOU!), and then after that he and Bella snuggled with me. Sort of. It was more a long procession of Mommy getting her "warm" stolen and elbows to the boobs. Fun times!! LOL! I thought about making waffles for breakfast. I really wanted waffles, but I really didn't want to make them. If they are going to make those magic ovens where you push a button and any kind of food is ready in a second, I wish they'd hurry up about it already!!! The people who wrote for Star Trek were really on to something there...

Anywhosers, on to blessings. It's really been a pretty amazing week!

- All my family are healthy and happy. If you've ever had a loved one in ICU, you will never take health for granted again.

- After three years of waiting, hoping and praying, we got our orders to Vicenza, Italy. It's all we think about, talk about and dream about. For me it's a life-long dream come true. We'll also be only a couple of hours away from Alex who is in Germany right now. Hurray!!!!

- We got our tax refund back already! Luckily we got our Italy news before it arrived!!! So now we are in Save Mode, instead of buy-all-the-stamps-we-can mode, lol! A happy sacrifice!!

- Bella was promoted to the highest reading group available in Kindergarten!! She is now reading at a 1-2 grade level!!! Reading is something that has been hugely important to me my entire life and I'm so glad to see that being passed on to Bella. She's not only beautiful but oh so smart too!!

- I got to go to Rachel's house on Wednesday night to card club night. She made the most darling designs for Valentine's Day! I love crafting with the other women, sharing news and having a kid-free evening. I'm grateful that Thomas is willing to work hard all day long, and then gladly take care of Bella so I can go!

- With the crazy weather we've had this week, I've only had one headache and it was quickly gone after taking my medicines. Sometimes they can knock me out for a week, so this is good news!

- LOST starts again in two days!!!! OMG, I so love that show!

- I'm especially grateful to have this blog, and all of you, to share my life with. It's really quite amazing if you stop and think about it!! I love you guys!!

Have yourself a fabulous week and don't forget to notice your blessings!!


Christina said...

WellI am glad for your news and your blog as well. I have loved intergrating you into my life. I am thankful for you there!

Paloma said...

And we love you and your happy life too! it's always nice to stop by and read your blog ;)

I can imagine how you are feeling about moving to Italy... I mean... even I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! Weird!! I keep telling hubby about it... it's so AMAZING! Have a Happy Sunday!


AliceKay said...

I hope you have another amazing week this coming week. Italy here you come. :)

It's a blessing to wake up each morning and breathe in a new day.


Anonymous said...

Im happy you blog too Queenie and Im glad you let me be a part of your blogging :o) Im so glad you had a good week and all of your blessings are great ones, I think it is nice that you do a post on this you have a good week also HUGS

New Girl on Post said...

I'm glad you got your orders! It will be nice to finally meet you.

Mary said...

I woke up this morning and wanted to go to IHOP for their endless pancakes for $5.99!

Cherie said...

You've had a great week. Heck an exciting week! Enjoy your Sunday!

Vickie said...

I am so freaking excited that Lost is on!! My heart pumps a little faster when I see the commercials;)

I was going to make pancakes this morning but when I got up I was too tired. Oh well.

Glad you had a good week:)

LadyStyx said...

Waffles...hmmm *checks taste buds* ..nope... pancakes? *checks again* nope....french toast sticks! Yessssssssss Got some in the freezer for just this kind of emergency!

Elbows to the boobies? Ouchie.

Amy said...

Happy Sunday... I am so ready for Lost..

Together We Save said...

Wow !! Italy.... that is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Good job Bella!!!

So many good blessings in your life!

Deanna said...

I'll bet Bella is just grinning from ear to ear. Reading has always been very important to me too. It is a huge part of my world!

Hope you got your waffles.

The Garden of Egan said...

I never got into the Lost thing...sorry. Will you still be my friend?
I'm glad that your other half let you sleep in.
How can you even sleep at night with thinking about Italy? Squealing for you.
I'm going to post pics of some of my cards one of these days.
I'm sure having fun, but I'm really spending lots of $$$. I picked up two extra shifts in the ER so I could buy lots this time.
Thanks for being so awesome!


I am so glad your week sounded so good. I wish the same for you this week. I am proud of a reader with a reader child it is great fun when they get older to share books and discuss them. Happy Monday!

blueviolet said...

I can't believe you filed your taxes already and have them back!!! JEALOUS!!!!!

Yay Bella for your reading!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow oh wow you have much to be thankful for!
Am so excited for you about Italy...oh the adventure is about to begin!!

I've been waiting for one of those ovens since I was a kid watching the Jetsons...what's taking so long?!?

Allyson said...

Well I'm grateful that we're going to become Rosetta Stone masters and will be able to say more than "baby", "car" and "airplane" in Italian.

Yay for Bella! I never had a TV in my room growing up, Mom said I could read myself to sleep and that's still what I this day. I'm so glad you're instilling this in your child.

And um...what?? You have a cookbook on eBay but you won't make waffles on a Sunday morning? Contradict much? :D

Tammy said...

When did you sneak in my house and take that picture of me? "I don't do mornings"...that is so me! lol!

Sounds like you had an incredible week. So glad you can blog in Italy, I would miss ya!

Heatherlyn said...

I know exactly the feeling of wanting something to eat but not feeling like cooking it up myself!

Congrats to Bella! Reading is a big deal. My little Sweet Thing just scored a 2 on her IRI. Grrr. She's my first child to ever have a 2 (which means nearly at grade level but not at grade level). I've been working with her. She's my only child who has ever needed working with. I'll be excited when she really catches on and runs with it. Then my Sleeping Beauty has the highest reading aptitude in her class and getting her to actually sit down and read anything is a HUGE battle. Kids. I'm still waiting on the one who ENJOYS reading. Maybe it will be my youngest ... I think it is excting to have a child who loves to read.

The Dapper Darling said...

I just read your blog about VICENZA. Look, you already have a friend here ;) email me if you want any info!!

babyrocasmama said...

When do you leave for Italy? I am so happy you got it, but sad that this means I will NEVER get to meet you in person. :(

Will you still keep blogging from there?

ChicagoLady said...

Congratulations to Bella!

Sounds like you had a great week last week. Hope this one was just as awesome!