Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Sunday Blessings

Halloween recap and catch up post!

I made two of these ATCs for a swap on Swap-Bot!
I made two of these Halloween cards for Ann's "I love being carded"!
What? You never heard of it??
OHMYGOSH!! Hurry over and check it out!!!
(I'll wait!)
This was Friday night, before Trunk or Treating!
Bella showing off her spider rings!
That hat became the bane of my existence!!!!!

Bella CAN play nicely! It's rare lately though, lol!

Halloween Dinner!

Halloween Night
Silly Face!

On post we could only Trick or Treat from 6-8pm. And at EXACTLY 6pm it started pouring!!!! It lasted about 10 minutes of hard rain, then drizzle, then it quit and was "just" muggy. (In Georgia that feels like breathing through a hot, wet, wool blanket!!!!) Oh well, the kids didn't care and the parents didn't melt, lol! I hope your Hallween was fabulous!!

Don't forget...

Daylight Savings


AliceKay said...

The videos of Bella were cute.

Sorry it was raining for awhile, but at least the kids had a chance to go trick or treating when the rain let up. We had rain on and off all day yesterday. Trick or treat was held in most towns in our area on Thursday night. It was a bit chilly but it wasn't raining.

"Happy Halloween! From our web to yours." Love it! :)

Ann On and On... said...

Thanks for the shout out! Those cards are sooooo cute!

It looks like Halloween was everything it was suppose to be for kids. Candy,Candy, Candy and cute costumes.

Happy November 1st!

Mighty M said...

Glad you had a fun (if soggy) time! After a couple days of major wind and rain it cleared up (and got COLD) just in time for trick or treating! ;)

Kristina P. said...

Bella looks adorable! Love your Halloween cards.

Christina said...

Ohh that stinks it rained , but guess what I didn't tKE PICS. I wasn't feeling camera love i guess.
why was the hat the bane of your exsistence? She looked cute ...

LadyStyx said...

Super cool hat there Bella!

I hear ya on the muggies. Louisiana is much the same, especially down near the coast. The mornings would be so humid that it was like walking through a pool when you left the house. By the mid-morning to afternoon, it would become quite oppressive.

Anniki :) said...

Very cute cards! I have never heard of it, but will go and check out the link.

Cherie said...

Bella's witch costume is so cute!
Hasn't Georgia already had it's share of rain? Holy Cow
Glad you had a fun Halloween!!

Deanna said...

Those cards are fabulous

I absolutely love Bella's hat - well actually I just love Bella. She is a doll.

We had a trunk or treat at our church, first time ever. It went over great. Will be bigger and better next year.

Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad the kids didn't mind and the parents didn't melt!

Our trunk-or-treat lasts about 15 minutes. That's how long it takes 300 kids to go from car to car before everyone runs out of candy. (And I'm not exaggerating about the 300 kids either; we have to have at LEAST that many pieces of candy.)

Halloween is a fun holiday for the kids. Bella looks adorable!!!

blueviolet said...

That's the cutest little witch costume ever! What a doll!

As always, your cards are magnificent! Do you ever make a mistake?

Tam said...

It looks like a fun Halloween. We did not get Rain but it sure was hot. YOU want to know how many kids came to my door Barefoot? TONS I finally asked what was up with that. They said they were hot and their shoes hurt. ONLY in Savannah can kids Trick or Treat Barefoot!!!!

Joy said...

What cute kids and great costumes.

p.s. I'm also a regular on Swap-Bot! Your ATCs look great!

Stopping over from SITS Halloween Parade :o)

Rachel said...

That chicken looks so amazing!! You're just awesome!!

babyrocasmama said...

Your cards are SOOO awesome!!

Bella was an adorable little witch. Ro was Stephanie from Lazy Town. She had a pink wig and everything!!

Tommie said...

look at that! my owl you made for me is here too!!!! he is a cutie! thanks again! tommie swapbot ;)

Vickie said...

Bella's Halloween outfit is so cool! I wouldn't mine having a stop time for trick or treating. You can keep your porch light on and no worries about people coming to your door.

The cards are usual!!

Anonymous said...

That's the cutest witch I've ever seen!

Barb said...

Your ATC's are just way too cool. Such a pretty little witch Bella is.

JoeTacoma said...

I love Isabella!