Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Sunday Blessings

Sick of angel emails? Sick

OK, BE many of you REALLY ENJOY getting little angel love notes from every person in your address book? You know the ones with 'I love you so's an angel...and some mushy poem crap...blah, blah, blah'

And like the cute wasn't bad enough, but they then THREATEN you with bad luck if you don't send it on to others and back to them to prove you read the email! A vicious tactic!

So here's my version:

Take the fairy dust:
Add it to one of those angels...
And PHOOF!!!!....
He's good luck because he probably made you smile.

When you're finished trying to see up his loincloth,


why not send this on to some of your girlfriends to make

them smile, too?

On a totally separate subject, Thomas has left early this morning for an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. to moon the President take part in the AUSA Convention as Fort Gordon's representative for NCO of the Quarter. He went before in 2004 when he was NCO of the Year at Fort Stewart, so he knows it will be fun. Well fun for him; Army fun. (blech!)

So The Bella, Lucy and I will burn hold down the fort while he's away. Girls Rule!!! Time to get out our tiaras and PAR-TAY!!!!! I have new chick flick movies, a new book, a new GUITAR(!!!!) and Guitar Hero 5 (!!!!) and of course new stampin' stuff....(details on this later!). FUN TIMES PEOPLE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Enjoy your girls' time!

S.E. Sward said...

Not just laughing out loud, CACKLING out loud! Now that's my kind of angel! I hate those chain emails, I really do. I almost never forward them, they land in the trash file pronto.

Yeah, Army fun definitely isn't really fun for anyone outside of the Army. Enjoy the estrogen-fest while your husband's away.

Happy SITS Sunday Shout Out.

Christina said...


Tam said...

My Hubs is on a plane to Egypt for a few it is just me and the boys here too and black mold all in my kitchen wall..yet again a pipe is found leaking the day my husband is flying out!

Yes you post did make me look yet again at the loin cloth!!!! LOL LOL

YOU post made me smile and remember that no matter how I was feeling all alone with the boys that there are tons of other women out their sharing my boat!!! Thanks for the great reminder!!!

Mimi said...

Now that was better than any of those forwards I'm always getting!

BTW, don't you always have your tiara out?

blueviolet said...

I hate that you knew we were all trying to look up the loin cloth. Dang it!

Vickie said...

He He....he can give me good luck any day;)

Heatherlyn said...

Oh yes, I totally dislike those emails. Yours was the best. It made me smile and it didn't threaten me with bad luck! Have a great week!