Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm still alive!!

Most of the time I was wishing I wasn't, but yes, I'm still here! I'm now convinced that there is something in this area that I'm terribly allergic to because I have NEVER had so many headaches or had them last as long as I've had in the year we've been here. UGH!!! I have not been able to breathe properly, or therefore sleep properly, for a my head had been hurting so badly that I honestly thought it was going to explode a couple of times. Nothing, nothing, nothing even makes a dent in the pain and pressure and I've been nothing but a couch slug for a week. I was able to get some rest last night, after Thomas went next door (at 11:30pm!!!) to ask them to PLEASE not let their four children run wild through the halls and stairs. Of course there were still tons of little kids screaming and yelling and playing in the middle of the street till all hours....I've pretty much just had it with Georgia in general and I'm so ready for someplace new!!!

Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes about Alex. She was pretty banged up but she is recovering nicely. To say she was lucky is the world's biggest understatement, but she knows she was lucky too and that's the most important thing. She is a very new driver, and German roads are much narrower than in the US. She needs to pay attention (!!!!) and remember that she is NOT invincible! Teenagers as a rule just don't think things through and this was a huge wake up call for her. Knowing she could have died.....could have killed Nathan....could have hurt another driver.....could have been disabled or many "could haves"!!!! These are things that she has thought about and now knows just exactly how precious and fleeting life is!!! She's ok and I thank God for that. She called me the other day all excited about seeing snow for the first time in years........and all I could think about was "Oh no, now she'll be driving in snow and ice and she's got ZERO experience at that!!!". So please, keep the prayers comin'.......for her safety and my sanity!!!

I do feel better so far this morning. I'm still stuffed up and can't breathe through my nose, but my head isn't pounding right now and that is a huge blessing. My throat is so sore and I'm still feeling pretty run down. I haven't stamped since last weekend so you KNOW I'm not feeling well, lol! I just need some peace and quiet and rest. On a weekend. With on post housing. HA, HA, HA!!!!! Please God, get us outta here and let us go to Italy!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no. :(

Feel better!

Mighty M said...

Allergies are the worst!

I got THE cutest card in the mail yesterday!! Thank you VERY MUCH! ;-)

Christina said...

well feel better and yes we will keep praying for you and Alex. Try and get some rest and if nothing else just go hog tie the neighbors kids down.

Deanna said...

Get feeling better SOON! It's too bad people don't respect other's need for quiet.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad to hear Alex is recovering well from her accident. A wake up call is what a lot of young drivers need. And yes, many think they're invincible. Been thru it with my kids.

Good to hear you're feeling some better, too. I think a lot of us have had this crap thrown at us lately. I'm beginning to feel better, and I've had it for three weeks, so hang in there.

Vickie said...

I am glad Alex is feeling better. I hate driving. I would be crying if I had to drive in Germany. Narrow Roads!!

Sorry about the allergies. I noticed that when it is colder out I get more headaches and pressure pain in my face. I put an icepack on my head and hope the kids are doing something crazy:)

Mimi said...

I'm so glad that Alex is doing better and really sounds like she'll be paying more attention.

I'm so sorry you're sick, but it could be partially due to the crazy amount of stress.

Hugs & love!

babyrocasmama said...

I'm glad you feel better. Ro has a double ear infection. UGH!

So Alex and Nathan are both Ok, right?

I'm thinking the headache was maybe a whole lot more from stress than from an allergy.

HUGZ honey. Prayers will keep coming.