Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Menu 9-2-09

Day Three

entree: Cinnamon swirl granola bar
protein: 1/2 cup eggbeaters & 1 MSF sausage link
fruit: small banana

entree: Minestrone soup
protein: 80 cals FF turkey breast

fruit: 3/4 blueberries
protein: soy breadsticks

entree: Mac & cheese (bad pic, tastes great!!)
veggies (2): steamed asparagus
entree: pound cake made into strawberry shortcake
fruit: 1 1/4 cup strawberries
2 Tbsp FF cool whip

Much easier day today!! I have to say the "pound cake" was seriously off. I only ordered one and I won't order it again. This is something I'm definitely going to work on to make one that tastes great and fits the NS stats!!! Something to add to the next cookbook!


Janelle said...

I can't believe the pound cake was part of the diet!! Mmmmm!

April said...

Wow! those are actually really great foods...I think I FORGET how MUCH we are supposed to eat. As you know, I have the lap band...and having a single serving of egg beaters for breakfast would make me feel like a heffer.

Let's not even talk about the cake.

I guess the lap band really IS working.

Sorry...not to totally steal your diet thunder...I just was observing...

Grace Matthews said...

So the cake wasn't that good? It looks Scrumptious!

Mighty M said...

How was the mac and cheese? I'm also curious about how many calories you are eating every day?? Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Heatherlyn said...

I like all the steamed asparagus and the dessert looks really good. I just can't believe you don't get to eat a real sausage. What is the logic behind that? (I'm sure there is some.)

Brandy said...

Sorry about the pound cake, but the picture makes it look DELICIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Oh that dessert looks good!

Heatherlyn said...

The waffles and the strawberry shortcake like pancake look really good! And I always like eggs. :)