Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Menu 8-31-09

entree: Granola cereal + yogurt (instead of milk)
fruit: 1 cup fresh raspberries
protein: 2 MSF sausage links
entree: Choc raspberry bar
(gi-normous) salad
protein: hard boiled egg added to salad

fruit: small apple
protein: string cheese
entree: Mushroom risotto (looks like brown mush - tastes great!)
vegetable serving (2): steamed broccoli with FF butter spray
Nacho crips
dinner fruit: small banana
dinner fat: 1 Tbsp reduced fat peanut butter

I was so "hungry" today. Not real, true hunger, but rather the "first day of my diet, OMG, I'm starving but don't dare cheat on my first day" hungry. That make any sense? I haven't had dessert yet but will soon. If I can do this, ANYONE can!!!


Sandy said...

Good luck on the diet. The lunch salad looks fabulous.

I love a hard boiled egg in sald, but never eat one by itself. A friend of mine loves them and talks about how good the protein is for you.

Doing some blog walking and found we have some things in common. I knit and crochet, I like vacations, I like to do yard work.

Swing by for a visit

Mighty M said...

Seems like a lot of food! I always feel like I get hungry every 2 hours, and in the afternoon 3-5 my stomach really wants food. It's hard to not over snack, so if you get any good tips, do share! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Good luck with the diet!

jenelljm said...

You inspred me Jeannie. I just submitted an order ! I'm excited !

Cherie said...

The food looks good and there is quite a bit so you shouldn't starve but I know what you mean about those "starving feelings". I think it is because it is not what you might normally eat.
You are off to a great start :D

blueviolet said...

That all looks really great actually. I am nuts about broccoli!

Jeanne said...

I started a diet last Monday and was doing pretty good till Old Dog brought home DQ Blizzards on Friday night....

LadyStyx said...

First thing you need to do is rename the bugger. It's an eating MODIFICATION...not a diet. It's easier to keep to that way.

Second thing...if you're So long as it's veggie or fruit matter. Put a bag of apples in the house....watermelon....cantelopes...anything like that.

Just ideas.

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I love, love, love the recipes that you sent me, and the chicken w/rice one was a big hit!! In fact, can I get your permission to post the recipe on my blog?? It was THAT GOOD!! :)

**I used the wild rice, but teen son preferred the sticky rice; I think I messed with my chicken too much, because it was kind of shredded looking, but, overall, it was delish! **

Mary said...

The first two weeks of a diet are the hardest!!! I always had a goal, that every 10lbs I lost we would get to go out to eat...and I still made good choices, but had a great incentive!

You can do it girlie!!!

Heatherlyn said...

It doesn't look so bad. The salad looks good. And I usually don't like more than 2 sausage links anyway. But couldn't you theoretically have like 2 cups of the raspberries? They can't possibly have that many calories and do have fiber. (See why a diet wouldn't work out for me?) You can do it!

Mimi said...

We'll do it. I just wanted to munch all day, like I've gotten used to, that was the hardest part for me.