Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am WOMAN, hear me rawr!!!!

Yes, I meant to spell it that way. The feminists as a whole really messed things up for women. AND for men. We were difficult enough to figure out before, and now the poor guys have no clue what to do with us. Sadly, neither do we.

We have always been our own worst enemy - to each other and ourselves. The "mean girls" phenomenon is nothing new. Some women will always bash others in an attempt to feel better about themselves. They might as well be wearing a sign around their necks that says "I have no positive self-esteem!!!". The working Moms (which makes no sense as a term because ALL Moms work, tyvm!!) against the stay at home Moms. The breast feeding Moms against the formula Moms. Private school Moms against the public school Moms. Home schooling Moms against everyone! (Why do people give Moms who choose to home school such a hard time???) Women who can afford all the designers against the women who shop at Walmart. You get the idea. It's always "us" making fun of "them". Because we can. Because they're different. Because it's fun. Because we're better.

If that wasn't bad enough, we beat ourselves up on a real regular basis too, trying to fit a mold we think is what the world wants. Trying to be a particular dress size, not to be healthy but to be achieve acceptance. Trying to be all things to all people, to feel worthy. Picking ourselves apart, by one imagined flaw after another. How could anyone love us??? Just LOOK
at the.....zit on my chin, vein in my leg, junk in my trunk, crooked nose, etc etc etc!

Ha, ha! Made you smile!!

Wanna know what the world wants?? For you to be HAPPY! Happy, and upbeat, and doing what makes you, uniquely you. If God wanted us all to be the same, He would have made us all the same! Instead He made us all in His image, special and with love. You think you know better than God??

Your awesomeness is NOT dependent on:
Your dress size.
Your skin color.
Your neighborhood.
Your last name.
Your checkbook.
Your car.
Your house.
Your job.
Your looks.
Your possessions.
Your husband, or lack thereof.
Your children, or lack thereof.

Your awesomeness is dependent on your heart.

So the next time you are tempted to point your finger and giggle at someone because of something stupid and superficial.........don't. Just don't. She might not be able to afford better clothes. She might have a loved one who is dying and doesn't care what she looks like. She might be out of work. You just don't know. So instead of making fun of her, pray for her. Smile warmly at her. Be the person God would have you be. Because you are NOT better than her!

And give yourself a break too! YOU are the only person obsessing over your "flaws". Really. It's just you, and no one else cares that you have freckles on your boobs, or about that weirdo birthmark, or veins on your legs that look like a map of Chicago. No one. OK? So let it go.

And stop beating yourself up because you aren't what you think you should be too. It's really perfectly ok to buy grocery store cupcakes for the kiddo's school party!!! Do you really think they care who made them?!? NO! But if cooking is your thing and you can't wait to make the next Martha Stewart creation - go for it! Just be you!
I think women in general would be happier if they really sat down and figured out what made THEM happy, and just stuck with that. Don't be who you think you should be, or who someone else says you should be - just be yourself! Then work on being the best you, you can be. If the rest of the world doesn't "get" you, then that is their problem not yours!!!!

Now stand up and...


Make it a GREAT DAY while you discover
your personal brand of awesomeness!


Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh so cute and so true!! Thanks for the pep talk before I head off to work. And I have some good news I hope brightens up your morning.

You won this week's giveaway! So e-mail me your address when you can :)

Brooke said...

jeannie - you're awesome! :) apparently i am too :P

Stephanie Faris said...

I LOVE this. Very empowering. You're right...we focus too much on our bad points and not enough on our good.

Oh, and I figured the following thing out. I'm new here and lost without the bar at the top!

Christina said...

RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! THAT'S RIGHT! I ROCK! Now if only I could lose 40 pounds...Just kidding! Great blog Jeannie!

LadyStyx said...

Great pep talk! RAWR!!

Deanna said...

Great post Jeannie and hun every word you said is true.

For the record, I was a "working" mom and "stay at home" mom and let me tell you the "working" mom was the easiest to do.

We are our own worst enemies. One of the reasons women don't get ahead in the work force is that they are always being vindictive cutting each other down. I've always said I'd rather work with men than women because of all the bitching and complaining.

Loved your pep talk and am RAHHHRING!


I love you...and the post. You made me smile and walk a little taller. I was feeling a bit blue this morning....thanks for helping out there...and you did not even know you were! Great post!

Heatherlyn said...

It's true. There are a lot of different and good and effective ways to be a woman and to raise children. Putting anyone down doesn't help anything.

Janelle said...

Awesome post!! So true, can't we all just get along?!!

Grand Pooba said...

Can I get an AMEN sista!


Me love you. Did you know you just made my day? I'm sitting here thinking that I've got to dress and look perfect for a dinner tonight that I'm having with some old high school friends. I'm looking at my veiny legs (Trying to find chicago) and thinking to myself how under par I am in comparrison. Not to mention everyone has kids except me! Have I failed as a human being because I haven't reproduced yet?

Well now I know I haven't. Thanks to my big sis Jeannie!

(I also have always been self conscience about my huge red ass fugly birthmark on the outside of my thigh......ewwwwww! If you wanna check it out, you can see it in my Pake Lowell post when I'm water skiing and cooking smores. Gross I know! I seriously had a hard time posting those pics because of that damn birthmark!) (Not to mention stretch marks)

Mighty M said...

What fabulous words!! I do my best to act in this manner, most of the time!! And if I catch myself thinking otherwise I try to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks!! Have a lovely day!

Nina said...

I love reading on your blog it always makes me smile and puts me in a better mood.

You put that so well and we all should be our best and forget the rest. LOL....

Melissa Miller said...

Jeannie you made me smile today! Amen to this....:) You are a straight shooter right from the heart and I adore that about you my friend.

My B-day giveaway is still going on if you want to enter you are welcome. Sorry it wasn't up yet when you came by. I have a new bloggie button as well! Yeah!

Have a great day.

Kathy B! said...

Brilliantly put! I'm going to print this out and share it with my daughters. Maybe if they're de-programmed from the beginning they won't fall into the trap??

Jane In The Jungle said...

That is absolutly awesome!! And oh soooooooo true. I have found the greatest thing about getting older, is I have less need to be "accepted", to be what the world thinks a 49yr old SAHM- homeschool mom should look like and be like. And I rejoice in the differences in all of us!!

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you sooo much for the sweet B-day wishes Jeannie!

I'm crossing my fingers for you! ;)

AliceKay said...

This is really nice and it made my day a much better one. *RAWR* (and a hug too)

Rhonda said...

Well said!!!!

Cassie said...

Well said! We are all very different on the outside, and very much the same on the inside. We have to remember that. Thank you for the reminder today!

Alicia said...

amen!! i loved that!! sometimes i think i am my own worst enemy. i notice all the flaws no one else will. i really need to cut that out :)