Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tales From The Crypt

Things that make you go hmmmm…

Some people are crazy. You might already know that. But seriously, some people are really, really, REALLY, effing, loony-tunes-crazy. And then there are people who are low-life liars and backstabbers. I got my more-than-full share of both this week. Read closely, take notes and learn from my trials. I would hate for anyone else to live through this too. Many of you wanted the “full poop” on what went down over here. So here ya go.

Most of you “regulars” know I belonged (yes, past tense) to a stamping group. It was mostly comprised of people significantly older than myself. But no biggie, we all enjoyed stamping and making cards. I think it’s important to know that I was invited to this group. OK? Invited.

It’s also important to know that this particular group of older people, was about the most persnickety, closed-minded, “set in their ways” group of old biddies you never wanna meet. I had already told Thomas that I was pretty sure I was going to drop out of the group because it wasn’t a good personality fit (as in I actually HAD one!), was way out in the boonies, and as much as I loved stamping staying there 6-7 HOURS to make 4 cards was a bit much even for me.

During the May get-together, the person who hosts the group (we’ll call her Ms. R), had a Pampered Chef party at the same time. So instead of everyone bringing their own brown bag lunches as usual, we’d all share the foods made there. Cool beans.

Afterwards, Ms. R comes up to me and asks if I’d like to host a party of my own. I said I really didn’t think I knew enough people on post who had money to make it worthwhile. (I had had a show of my own before and not many showed up who said they would because it wasn’t close enough to payday - *sigh*). And she said, not to worry, that we’d just have it at her house again, during stamping club and then no one would have to worry about lunch again.

Still, I didn’t want to have the responsibility of having everyone’s orders come to my house, on post, when almost everyone else lived wayyyyy out in the boonies. Thomas works, and takes our one car to and from work. So that means I don’t have the car during the day. Again, she said no problem, and that she’d have the items sent to her house and she’d deliver them like she would for her own party.

Are you with me so far? SHE ASKED ME to host a party at her house. SHE OFFERED to deliver the orders to everyone. So I said yes. OK, fine.

The June meeting rolls around. I wanted to bring Rachel, because frankly if I’m going to be somewhere 6-7 hours, I want to have some conversation, and I was getting tired of being bored and mostly ignored. I had already decided that this was it for me and I wouldn’t have even gone this month, but that I had GIVEN MY WORD to be a Pampered Chef Hostess and everyone was counting on me for lunch. No one had Ms. R’s phone number that I knew, so I could make sure it was ok to bring her, so I emailed her. It was all I had. I never did get a response. So I figured, what the hell, she’s got a huge house, I’m the one footing the lunch and hello?! it’s the south – where hospitality rules, right??? Yeah, not so much.

While not much was said, to me, about Rachel being there, what was said pissed me off. I was really ready to just go home, but stupidly stayed. I really need to learn to listen to my gut instincts more!!!!

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Without my permission, the PC order was sent to my house. I was informed after the fact. Apparently Ms. R was working many hours and was afraid of not being home when the order arrived. It seemed like a lame excuse to me as they will just leave the order on your porch, but whatever. I was again assured that Ms. R would be picking it up from my house and delivering it.

So the order comes and I separate it all out. It happens that Rachel is over when it’s delivered so she gets her stuff too, and helps me pack up everyone’s bags. I call and leave a message for Ms. R to tell her that all the stuff is in, and ready to go.

When she finally calls me back, I get a big rambling story about how what long hours she’s working every day and how she’s just not sure when she’ll have time to pick it up. I told her I was unable to bring it to her, LIKE I FREAKING TOLD YOU IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS MESS!!, but that it was ready to go when she had the time and I would make myself available to her when she did have the time, even if it was really early in the morning or late at night.

Three or four days pass. THEN I get this real pissy email from Ms. R asking, “Don’t you ever drive?? Or won’t your husband let you have the car??”. What.The.Hell. Yes, Ms. R I DO drive. Yes, Ms. R my husband “lets” me do whatever I damn well please, thank YOU very much! Not one to let things go, I immediately emailed her back, reminding her of what she asked me to do and what she agreed to do and told her I no longer wished to be a part of the group. For all I cared, that box of PC could sit in my garage till hell froze over, but I wasn’t going to lift a finger to move it.

Still, I wasn’t that upset because I was already planning to leave the group anyway and some old people are just, well, wankers and that’s just the way it is. However, I was not at all prepared for what happened next.

The lying, backstabbing, nutbag “friend” who got me messed up with this loony bunch in the first place, who I might add wasn’t even THERE when all this went down, chimes in on the group’s yahoo board with her “two cents”. She apologizes profusely for my “unacceptable behavior” for intruding on Ms. R’s hospitality by having a PC party in her home without her permission AND for bringing a total stranger there as well! What.The.Hell?????

Am I sorry? Yes.

I’M SORRY, Ms. R that you can’t remember anything you said or did two weeks ago.

I’M SORRY, that you are working crazy busy hours at your job.

I’M SORRY, that it was an inconvenience to do what you said you would.

I’M SORRY, that I allowed myself to be pressured into doing something I didn’t want to do to “be nice”.

I’M SORRY, that in this armpit of Georgia the people are completely nutz!!!!

I’M SORRY, that I ever got mixed up with any of you to begin with.

I’M SORRY, that I’m not in Italy right now, happily forgetting you all!

And Ms. B? The next time you are going to stick your big, fat nose into something which neither involves you, nor concerns you, and you are planning to stab your FRIEND in the back? Do make sure you don’t copy that friend in your lying, back-stabbing email, okie dokie??? It just makes you look STUPID on top of everything else!

UPDATE: *sigh* Ms. R called. Seeing how my husband had JUST come home, and seeing how he's been gone more than home in the last three weeks, I wanted to just BE with him. Not get into a pissing contest with a psycho. She left a message...

(turn your speakers all the way up, it will still be hard to hear)
Now, I can hear Pam from MI laughing already, but in case you couldn't hear it, she said: "Jeannie this is Ramona. What? You're too CHICKEN to answer your phone now?? Bye!". OK folks, I am a great many things but "chicken" sure the hell isn't one of them. If this crazy bitch realllllly wants to get into it, then I say BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel couldn't believe it either, but she and her family will be having dessert with us tonight after the post carnival, so I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU TO CALL BACK THEN!! I will be more than willing to provide the "entertainment".......

*Italy!* *Italy!* *Italy!*
There's no place like Italy!
There's no place like Italy!
There's no place like Itay!


Deanna said...

Not all people are loony, hun. Just those in Georgia ;)

What happened to you is unacceptably crazy. Those old biddies need to apologize to you, but we both know that ain't gonna happen.

I hope you find a stampin' group close by that is a good fit.


Deanna said...

I meant not all 0LD people are loony!!!! Just absent minded like me...

Intense Guy said...


I hope just venting all this helps.

Bee and Rose said...

That is just awful! Boo to mean old biddies and back stabbing idiots!

Thank heavens you are free of those nightmares!

sandy said...


Cullum Family said...

i am so sorry you had to go through that...they are CRAZY and you are much better without them! wish you lived here in texas we are much better friends! :)

Cherie said...

I loved that!!
I recently had a falling out with what was supposed to be one of my best friends and it was this same kind of backstabbing, lying, forgetful crap that made me crazy - And she is not even old!!!

I lived the rant vicariously through you!! You go girl!!!!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Yea! What a rant!! You go girl! I have had a week like this too ...I feel better just reading this!

Anjeny said...

Aw Jeannie...that was awful. Why those old meanies!! I hate it too when others can't remember what they said or promised...

I'm surprised that they would make such big deal about you bringing your friend along. In our Stamping group, we thrive on our members bringing more people to our get together because that means there are more orders made, hostess gets more free stuff and demonstrator gets more commission.

I wish you are here in Hawaii, the ladies in our group would love you. They're actually the greatest fans ever, they will oohhh and aahhh's over your beautiful creations.

So good riddance to those losers who are too stupid to know what a gem you are. I'm glad you rid yourself of them...hope you find a much nicer group soon.

AK Stamper said...

Hey Jeannie,
Just read thru what happened to you with this so called stamping group that you joined....or should I backstabbing group, so sorry hope all is much better with you now.

Sometime we are just too trusting for our own good....if you are looking for a fun stamping group online let me know, I belong to a few.

Shell in Alaska

Rachel said...

Loved this post! Sorry I seemed to be a major part in your ousting... but really I am so glad you're done with them! Now we can start a group that just rocks and any and all are welcome - as long as you don't reek of cigarette smoke! :) Love ya!

Amy said...

Good Lord! WHat a mess. sounds like my luck. I am sorry you had to go through all that.

dood1ebugs said...

Sorry you had to go through all that. Some people just seem to go out of their way to make your life miserable. Does either person know you have a blog? I would to see their faces as they read what you wrote!

Kris said...

Wow!! Yeah...better you than me 'cause I would had to have had more than words lol. Sorry about all that happened to you!

Mary said...

Chicken...has she ever talked with you for more than 2 seconds??

Glad your away from the wackos...I sure have my share of them down here in FL too.
Sending a HUGE hug your way!!! :o)

babyrocasmama said...

Old Bitch Bashing at ft. Gordon tonight!!! LOL

OMG! What is wrong with women? We are supposed to support one another, not tear them down at every turn.

That old bitch needs to take some Aricept to help combat her senility. And Mrs. B? How are you going to feel when somebody you care about or thought was a really good friend throws you under the bus without even asking for your side of the story?

What goes around comes around, honey, & it will be coming back to you in spades. Bet on it!

We all know Jeannie rocks & Mrs. B better be thanking her lucky stars I live in another state because I would have to kick your ass for doing this to the Queen.

Thank GOD you are free of them, now. Have you thought about putting some foul smelling cheese in the tailpipe of her car? It melts & stinks up the ENTIRE car for weeks! And in Summer I am sure the scent will linger for months!

*evil laugh*

LadyStyx said...

Damn. Backstabbing idiots. *HUGZ* Definitely go with the gut reaction, it'll rarely steer you wrong.

Helen McGinn said...

Wow. What a bunch of nutjobs. I mean, really, REALLY nutters of the highest order. Tell her in the calmest voice you can muster that she is extremely rude, particularly for an OLD person and that you're surprised her mother did not teach her any manners and you find it unacceptable to deal with her any longer, the stuff will be on your front porch for 24 hours and then you're giving it away to charity. Any further correspondence will have you contemplating suing her for slander, harrassment and stalking. Thank you and goodnight.
Aaargh. I'm angry now...what can I hit??