Monday, July 6, 2009

Lil of This & That

This is the LEFTOVER ribs!!! Yeah, made too much and none of you fine folks showed up to help eat any of them, lol!! You can still see the hot, spicy steam off them!
Mini pop-over pizzas! Basically refrigerated pizza dough, cut into discs and topped with cream cheese, blended shredded cheeses, red & green peppers, bacon and seasonings. To.Die.For.

Many of you posted comments that you didn't own a crockpot. I was like, NO WAY!!! I thought everyone got one of these as a wedding present! No?? OK, ladies, time to get one - ASAP!! It will save you tons of money instead of using your stove or oven, won't heat up your house in the summertime, and you can fill it with a frozen mound of meat in the morning and have a succulent dinner in the evening - with no work at all!!!! I already researched some for you. PLEASE go shopping for one, ok??? Please?

I reallllly like this one! And I don't need one!
link: red $34.88

Another great one!

black $24.88
You might not know that I collect Barbies.....but I do! I especially love Marilyn Monroe dolls and this one is gorgeous!!!! This is my very favoritest Marilyn dress (I have the matching painting from Alex from last Christmas!), so when I saw this I was soooo excited!! Not getting it just wasn't an option!
And right next to Marilyn was this beauty!!! I was totally squealing at this point, lol! I have a porcelain one I got HERE from Thomas when he was home on leave from last tour. Both were just sitting on the shelf, side by side, in front, waiting for ME!!! YAY!!!
Last but NOT least - my Spirit Jump stickers!!

I had the brilliant idea to have Jill, aka The Good Mail Queen, make up some of these to add a lil somethin' to my Spirit Jump cards. Aren't they awesome?? If you're a Jumper, please have Jill make some up for you too!! AND....she makes personalized ones for your other good mail too!! Most of you have seen my Queenie Jeannie Good Mail stickers already. You can do your blog button or just about anything! She's got mad skillz on makin' stickers!!!! Just be sure to tell her Jeannie sent ya!


Kimberly said...

Looks yummy! And no work sounds like my kinda deal! The red one would match my kitchen. I told Mitch were ARE buying a crock pot next time we go out shopping. So sometime within the next week! Thanks again Jeannie! :o)

pehpot said...

I did not hear we are

for your pizza.. I'm dying now!

My sister loves collecting Barbies, kinda expensive hobby lol

I don't have that kind of pot but I think I will consider buying one, you're so good on sales ha ha

Make or Break

sandy said...

I'm not sure I could live without my Crock Pot! I use it ALL. THE. TIME.

AK Stamper said...

Hey Jeannie,
Your making me hungry just browsing your blog! LOL

I love my crock pot also but I recently bought a electric pressure cooker and that is my new found kitchen machine.........meals in 45 mins or less.

I ordered my from QVC of all the places to shop!


Grand Pooba said...

Dude, I got 5 crock pots as wedding gifts, I thought EVERYONE has one!

I'm dying over the marilyn monroe!!!

Jessica said...

Are there people that don't own a crock pot? Seriously?? :) Well, I don't own a deep fryer so maybe it's the same thing...

Your dinner looks SO good!!

Heatherlyn said...

I am totally going to make some of those mini pizzas. Brilliant idea.

I own several crock pots. One can never own enough crock pots in all the shapes and sizes. There is nothing quite like complete meal that is ready when you come home. I also love my roaster oven. Love it.

I only have one Barbie doll, a specialty See's Candy Barbie doll.


Cindy said...

Hi Jeannie, I agree with everyone a crockpot should be in everyone's kitchens. I have one and use it frequently too. Oh I checked out so of the rest of your blog and you have some cool stuff. Anyway welcome to the sisterhood.
SBS 28

Christina said...

Really ..i thought everyone had one of these and yes we now have the net again.

Vickie said...

Nope. I didn't get mine until we were married for about 6 years. It is an awesome invention. Though I did a meatloaf recipe last week and it sucked!!

Anonymous said...

Those spirit jump stickers are awesome. Do you mind me asking how much?

I wish we lived near each other. With Josh gone I don't take the energy to make dinner for just myself so I've been living off pizza...not the healthiest.

LadyStyx said...

mmmm ribs! I haven't had them since just after I started my eating modification. The nutritionist had a fit when she reviewed my food diary and saw them listed. *sigh*

I ~LOVE~ my crockpot. I hated the one my hubs2b had because the liner wasn't removable for easy washing so I put a nice Rival one on the wedding list. We use it at least an average of 2-3 times a month (more in the summer). I've made applesauce in it and chicken, soup, roast etc...

KatCollects said...

I love my crock pot, it's a must for busy days and hot days. Your food looks delicious! I will be over for dinner and crafting soon ; )

Intense Guy said...

I ain't a lady but maybe a crockpot would be useful... Hmm.. thanks for the shopping help.