Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fort Gordon Carnival (7-2-09)

Swing Ride with Jilli

Bouncy Slide
Bouncy Tent
The all-time Bella favorite!!!

Ferris Wheel

Bella did not want to get out!!

It was so high up, and had a million buttons, knobs and switches!!

Thomas, Bella and Jess on the ride
Happy Bella

Afterwards, Rachel's family and ours went back to our house, and the guys went out to pick up McDonald's for dinner. They now have a mushroom & swiss burger!!! YAY!! Just be sure to get yours without mayo. So we ate, laughed, watched Bella sing and dance, etc. lol! Then we had my latest dessert creation, which of course I totally forgot to take a picture of - rats!!!! But it was yummy! Bella didn't get into bed until after 11pm but we all had a fabulous time! It was a great end to an otherwise crappy day. And no, "she" didn't call back. Just as well.


LadyStyx said...

Mmmmmmmmm mushie n swiss burgers! Personally, the BEST ones are made at Red Robin. A nice thick burger and it's LOADED with mushrooms. Once you eat one of those, you'll turn your nose up at the rest.

Yeah just as well "she" didn't.

Anonymous said...

Daring little thing went on a carnival ferris wheel??

Heatherlyn said...

She's a doll! It looks like a lot of fun, kid style!