Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a Stampin' Fool...

After finally learning how to make "Magic Cards" last Saturday, I wanted to come home and try them out myself! I had to alter the dimensions of last week's card though because it wouldn't fit into a standard envelope.
All three will be for Spirit Jumps.
So cool!
Second Card - what is it???
Third Card
Love it!
This is a reflection card. I NEVER thought I'd be able to make one of these!!! So yeah, I'm kinda proud of it, lol!
Using sponging and masking techniques.
I got the shading and blending down pat on this one.
My "dress collection" cards!! Soooo tickled with these! I saw this on someone else's site but they didn't have a pattern. So I made one myself - from scratch!! I think they are so darling!
Summertime Sass!
A new-to-me stamp set, Calming Gardens. It's retired from Stampin Up.
So peaceful!

I did make another card too, but it will have to wait till Sunday...

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K said...

Your cards are GORGEOUS - I love them...especially the reflection one! Beautiful! I just signed up to be a spirit jumper...what an amazing program these two gorgeous souls came up with! Happy weekend!


The cards with the dresses are cu-ute! And anything with the word just fantabulous!!

Jennifer said...

I love the magic cards. And those dresses are great!!

Anonymous said...

Wicked cute cards. I love the dresses. I need to get back into card making. I might have to quit my job to get all of my hobbies in order.

Mimi said...

You are truly the queen of the cards! What a talent you of many I know!

Christina said...

Wonderful i love em all girlfriend.

KatCollects said...

I love your beautiful new cards. You have really gotten creative with them. My favorites are the dress ones, so so cute! I am curious how the magic ones work, hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap your good!

LadyStyx said...

*jaw drops*

Deanna said...

Those cards are all amazing! I especially like the reflective one. Simply amazing!

Cullum Family said...

LOVE them all, but want to buy some dress cards! are you going to put them in your etsy store???

Intense Guy said...

That reflections card is creme de la creme!