Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bella's Graduation!

Last night was Bella's Pre-K Graduation! It was held in this church ~ I've never seen chandeliers and Grecian pillars in a church before, but.....ok!

Bella comes in with her class!
Her cap was too big, lol!

Her class sings ABC Rock

Bella gets her diploma!!!!

Bella Sings!!!
(and yes, I cried!)
My Little Graduate!
Swinging her head and the tassle bonked her eye, lol!
Posing with Daddy!
LOVE this one!!!

Bella wore this dress from Jen's store!
Bella's friend Mia
Her teacher Miss Jessica
It was a mob scene, so we took these by the truck.
Her dress was SO PRETTY, but you can't
see the polka dots very well.
Her tassle!
Last year Alex graduated High School! And in August The Bella will start "big girl school". How is it they grow up so fast???? But I'm actually glad to have her home with me this summer. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun and you can be sure I'll take a least a million photographs and videos!!!!


Christina said...

Looks like you made the day fantastic for her. What an awesome dress , and crying at stuff like this is so allowed! Great Job Bella!

Intense Guy said...

She is so beautiful - the dress was like the perfect icing on the cake...

And even more beautiful is that happy, contented smile on her face and the knowing her family loves her so much.

Cherie said...

Wow! They really went all out for the pre-school graduation - real caps and gowns and everything. Bella looks so pretty, I bet she loved it!
Oh it would have made my heart melt to have a child sing. Sweet!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww she's so pretty! Is there any way I could borrow that dress some time? I bet it'd fit me :)

Congrats to her and a big congrats to you and her dad!

Kristina P. said...

She's so cute! Love the little cap and gown.

nikkicrumpet said...

She looks so adorable...and that dress is AWESOME!

Jennifer said...

So sweet. Congrats to her!

MaBunny said...

She is just too cute Jeannie! She is also VERY photogenic:))
You must be so proud!

Christina said...

YAY! Congrats Bella! She looks beautiful. You must be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she looks like such a big girl!

It was SO weird when my youngest started kindergarten and was the one walking into class instead of clinging to my leg as we watched his sister go in. I've been nostalgic for my babies recently.

I love having them home for the summer. Love, love, love it!

New Girl on Post said...

What an adorable dress she has on! Congrats to her on her Pre-K graduation!

sandy said...

Congrats Bella!

Their song made me cry too!

Amy said...

Congrats, BElla! Love the dress :)

Lizzie said...

what cute videos! i can tell you are such a happy and proud mama :) that dress is GORGEOUS!

LadyStyx said...

Congrats Bella!

ChicagoLady said...

What a cute ceremony they had for the kids...singing and everything!

Bella was so pretty in her dress. Very touching when Thomas went to get her, put her cap on and direct her up to the front to get her diploma. And how she looked for you over on the sideline. Adorable!


Loved the ceremony. Bella looked so cute. The dress was adorable. She looked like a fairy princess sitting on the tailgate of the did not need to see the polka dots...her smile was all you had to focus on. She was the cutest thing. Congratulate her for me!

Heatherlyn said...

She's a doll! I can't believe what a fuss is made over pre-k graduation. I think it is a bigger deal than my high school graduation was! It must be because the kiddos look soooo adorable!

And they DO grow up too quickly!! At least you have Bella. It's got to be nice to go through it again with the perspective that you have now!

{Diamond} said...

Congratulations, Bella! She is truly a little princess in that dress! :-)

Vickie said...

Wow! That dress is smashing!

Little caps and gowns, how adorable!!

Michaela will be graduating this week. She will be starting kindergarten next fall and be gone all day. Man, it is gonna be weird.

allthingsribbon said...

Oh so cute!! Congratulations Bella you look beautiful!

Mimi said...

OMG, so priceless when Thomas has to go get her to get her diploma! And of course you found a perfect dress!

I love it!