Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bella pictures!

Alex came up last weekend and picked up Bella for a visit at her house. It looks like she had alot of fun!!
Playing outside with a neighbor.
Playing x-box
And Jeoffrey is "helping".
Alex rented a Shrek game for her.
She's getting so big!!
Jeoffrey being protective.
Then cuddling. (yuck! dog germs!!)
Playing with her new Nerf dart gun.
Sooooo adorable!
Playing soccer!
Sissy & Bella
Stupid dog!!

Bella playing


{Diamond} said...

Oh, looks like they're having so much fun together! My oldest daughter is 15 years older than her baby sister, and I SO look forward to the day when she can come and take her for a visit, like Bella and her big sis :-).

Vickie said...

Awe, sweet:) Looks like she has some nice property.

My kids love xbox, well except for the 2 year old. She just pushes the buttons.

Alex sounds just like you:)

Christina said...
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Christina said...
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ChicagoLady said...

Cute pictures and videos! Bella looks a lot like Alex. Poor Jeoffrey didn't like that toy much, huh? Bella was so cute sitting there singing, lol.

Heatherlyn said...

You've got some beautiful girls there!

Christina said...

Looks like she had tons of fun!

LadyStyx said...

We've got a few of those moving toys here and the chihuahua really hates them as much. The one she hates the most is the critter that sings the Rocky Top song....

Anonymous said...

LOVE that she plays Xbox and shoots nerf darts! Her and lil D would get along famously :)