Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Tip Tuesday

Tip #1: If you're in Iraq during a sandstorm...
Thomas was there for this, and took pictures.
Go HERE & HERE to see.

Tip #2: Our country is at war,
Even if you've seen this,
please watch it again.
I've posted this before on my blog, but a big thank you to ChicagoLady for the reminder. We all need to remember those who are sacrificing so much to ensure our freedoms!!


Heatherlyn said...

I'm very grateful for the good people who make sacrifices for us!

Cassie said...

All I can say about that sand storm is..That would freak me the HECK out! Great videos, both of them.

Mary said...

I have the second clip on my myspace profile. It is so moving everytime I watch it, and not to share it just seems wrong!
Just this Thursday when I was at my clinical rotation through PCU, one of the nurses asked what was on my bracelet, and she didn't understand why I was wearing the name of someone who died. I find it an HONOR to wear the bracelet that bare the name of PFC John D. Amos...who gave the ultimate sacrifce...and will truly NEVER be forgotten.
Okay...I'm now stepping down off my soapbox ;o)