Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tons more bloggy love!

This lovely award is from Kathryn, and I didn't even know about it until today - (so sorry hun!).
The rules are fun so feel free to grab this award and pass it on to someone you love! I'm going the lazy-assed route because my head is about to split open....so dear reader, it's YOURS!
Here are the rules you must follow:
1. You must eat a piece of chocolate in honor of accepting The Octamom Award.
2. You must eat yet another piece of chocolate when you put the award on your blog.
3. You must visit Debi B., who designed the award, and leave her a comment, because she deserves props for a chocolate award!!
4. Add or Subtract the rules at your leisure, except the parts about chocolate!

I saw this award on someone's blog (no clue who - sorry), and I loved it, so I swiped it! I think I have a pretty awesome blog, and apparently you do too or you would have left by now, lol!!! So if you are still reading this excellent blog, then YOU are a person of excellent taste! It's YOURS too!!! You.Are.Welcome.

The next couple of awards are from the infamous famous Tatooed Minivan Mom. She was feeling pretty lazy-assed today too, so she said anyone could grab 'em. So I did!!! So not to mess up HER tradition, feel free to scoop up any/all of these babies up too!

(Yeah, Ms. Minivan, I said the same to my hubby too, lmao!!)

This last award is also from said Minivan Mom. HOWEVER, she actually took the time to award this to a couple of people. She did not pick me. *sniffle* I'm not bitter or anything (yes I am!!!), but damn......what the heck about ME??? So I told her I was gonna swipe it and there wasn't doody she could do about it. There was some back and forth about it. She's scared. *big grin*


Anonymous said...

I'm stealing these! Woot!

Christina said...

LOL you crack me up!

sandy said...

That's what keeps me coming back! You rock:)

Rhonda said...

Wow! That Octamom award is really getting around! Too funny!

Mary said...

Yeah, don't think I didn't notice you swiped my "I found my prince, and he wears ACUs"...I'm just glad you liked it enough to steal!!
Cute awards!

Kate said...

Hey Girl - It's been awhile since I've made my rounds! Holy cow, the blog awards are taking over your site. LOL Next you'll have an academy award at this rate.