Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! - Part 2

Baby Alive!!
Princess Dresses
Sterling Silver keychain with Bella pics!

Thomas' BIG present!
very blurry pic - best I could get!
WWII US Army Signal Corps binoculars!
Yeah, he's happy!!
Mommy's loot!
New robe and slipper socks
Ms. Tiki also got me a sewing machine & chair massager!!!
She's too generous!!! But I love 'em!
Bella's lounge chair - from Ms. Tiki!
Bella loves her new baby doll!
So gentle
It really moves & sounds like a baby!
Feeding her baby
Candy break!
Crazy Bella Dancing!
Monkey Bread! Thomas ate HALF before I could take a picture!!
Drinking out of her new Princess cups!
Happy Bella!
Princess on her bench with her computer!
Now playing with her vanity table!
My family in their Christmas jammies!
Yes, Bella got very spoiled (only SOME of her loot shown here!), but she's been a very good girl this year and we can't resist the cute girly stuff. It's been such a riot watching her all day. She's been a doll! We hope your Christmas has been alot of fun too!!


sandy said...

It looks like you all had an awesome day! Merry Christmas!

peace and love,

Tranquility said...


Anonymous said...

First of all, love those Christmas jammies!!

Lol to Bella dancing :)

D&B purse!!?!!? WHOO HOO!!!!!!

Cassie said...

Awww, I love the scat singing Bella is doing with her dance! Merry Christmas!

Christina said...

looks like you guys had a blast! We all hadchristmas jammies too!

ChicagoLady said...

Thomas really teared up when he saw his gift. I think he liked it!

That dance Bella did was so cute! But you know what it reminded me of? The dance kids do when they have to go potty really really bad.

Everyone got great presents! Looks like you had a very Merry Christmas indeed!

Kat said...

Love it. I wanted to see mommy's co-ordinated pjs too - I mean Thomas and Bella were color co-ordinated .... and "plaidy" what about mommy? Did she match too??

Looks like all had a great day.