Sunday, December 21, 2008

Attn!!! Moms of little ones - read this!

With a clever, three-step process, allows parents to upload a photo of their living room decorated for Christmas, and drag and drop in a stunningly realistic image of Santa into the room then download it to share with children on Christmas morning. THIS IS WICKED COOL!!! There are many Santas to choose from, and in different positions - standing, kneeling, etc to fit in YOUR livingroom scene. So he can fill a stocking, place a present, etc.

I am definitely doing this. If anyone else does as well, please comment with a blog link so we can all see Santa at your house!!!


Vickie said...

Thanks for the info. Gotta clean the room first.

Cassie said...

Now THAT is cool!

Melodie said...

That is SO cool! I'm going to bookmark this site for next year.