Thursday, November 6, 2008

I got picked!

It would seem that Sandy ( has got QUITE the sense of humor!! After having a total, utter flop of a tagging earlier this week, she decided she wanted to see me in yet another train wreck. Sheesh! I guess that's what friends are for???

Here are 7 tidbits about me:
1. I have upstairs in a trunk, enough needlework (x-stich, crewel, needlepoint, etc) kits to open my own craft store. I love to do them but never seem to make the time to do much. Or to finish them if I DO start them. But I still keep buying them - it's an addiction!

2. I love disco music!!! Sorry, but Donna Summer just "speaks" to me. Of course I like alot of other kinds of music too, but disco is probably my fav!

3. I can only wear matching bras and panties. Not for special occasions, but everyday. Otherwise it just seems so....wrong!!

4. I believe that chocolate can fix just about anything!

5. I think grits are GROSS!!! I don't know why Southerners eat them....alot...on purpose! Blech!

6. My husband says I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. He loves me. He's also blind.

7. I'm deathly allergic to dogs.

OK, so yeah, that was fun. Now I'm supposed to tag some other people. Well ya know what?? I'm a maverick and I'm not gonna! So nanner nanners SANDY!!! I do NOT know how to hyper link even though quite of few people took the time to explain it to me. Old dog, new get the idea. So how about this, you just leave me a nice lil comment with your seven tidbits of info, k? And no fair skipping this!!! If you read you must post! Or I'll find you.........and make you eat grits!!!!


sandy said...

Jeannie, you rock! I feel the same way about talking about myself. My kids though...I could write a novel! Thanks for playing along!

Abounader Photography said...

7. I really need a shower.

6. I love my cats but I won't clean the litter box. (thank gawd for hubby)

5. The mallard ducks are outside in the creek but I don't have time to photograph them even though I REALLY want to.

4. I HATE HATE HATE housework or anything domestic.

3. I could stand to lose about 80lbs

2. I love my husband and my baby more than I've ever loved anyone or anything in my life.

1. I'm going to go work in the studio and put off taking a shower!

april kennedy said...

Consider yourself stalked! Thanks for visiting....and I would post my 7 things...but trying to get out of town this morning!

Pink Ink said...

Thanks for stopping at my Halloween post!

Grits sounds like sand between the teeth :-). Your husband sounds like a keeper! Cool for him that he is willing to serve in the military, and that you support him!

I think I just got tagged the same way, so does this mean I HAVE to do it now??

merc3069 said...

1. I believe certain perfumes can only be worn with specific colors/textures. i.e. Chanel's Chance=pink, Dior's Dune=khaki or brown, Lauren's Romance=long sleeved shirts or sweaters only....I know, wacko alert....

2. I would change teams for Angelina

3. I honestly believe my dog has a psychic connection with me. Ask anyone, ask him!

4. I haven't cooked a real meal in almost 9 years. Feel free to hate me

5. My math skills are appalling. Shopping when something is a percentage off slays me.

6. I do not like chocolate or desserts. I gained all this weight the old fashoned way: CARBS!

7. One of my wildest dreams would be to appear on Jeopardy!

Denise said...

7. hmmmmmm...Im a dittz. Total airhead. Sorry, just cant help it.

6. Im totally addicted to Myspace, Facebook and blogging.

5. Im lazy and hate house
work of any kind. Thats a bad combination...please dont come to my house unexpectedly.

4. I suck at keeping in touch with more than one friend at a time (not counting myspace and facebook)

3. My kids and I only bathe once or twice a week.

2. I once ate a whole jar of Nutella, with a One day.

1. I deathly afraid of Crickets and grasshoppers.

The Wife O Riley said...

1) I hate peas. I won't cook them and refuse to let Matt cook them when I'm home.

2) I have a non-sexual crush on Queen Latifa.

3) I'm obsessed with license plate stickers.

4) I have 13 webkins of my own.

5) Most of the time I do my daughter's homework (but not the important stuff)

6) I can recite word for word the whole opening scene of the TV show Odd Couple.

7) I am never on time.

ChicagoLady said...

1. I'm 39 and never been married.

2. I love to read books.

3. I think just about everyone but me in this whole world is a terrible driver.

4. One day I'd like to travel the world.

5. I love Nascar.

6. I've never been up on current styles.

7. I hate to cook and clean, but I do it when I have to.

Ann said...

I'm with you on so-o-o many of your "tid-bits"!
You and I would have a great time dancing around to Donna Summer while eating chocolate and avoiding grits at all costs :->