Saturday, November 8, 2008

Early Bird Bella!

Bella got up an hour early Friday (UGH!!!) so she had time to play before school.
Bella LOVES her dollhouse from last Christmas.
Mommy loves listening to her imaginative play!
Blowing a kiss...too slow to catch it though, lol!
And Sasha kitty....always wherever Mommy is!
Waiting on the stairs for her ride.
And reading a cookbook...wonder where she gets THAT from???
Mmmmm, this looks good...
Big Smile!


Anonymous said...

again just too darn cute!!!

Kimberly said...

Her dollhouse is awesome! I woulda loves that as a little {or heck, even big} girl! She is such a cutie pie!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thank you!

I love Bella's toys's a wonderful childhood for us BOTH!

Diamond said...

Oh, I can't wait until I'm, uhm, I mean Olivia is old enough to get a dollhouse! We're gonna have so much fun :-D.

HappyHourSue said...

Wait- you're a Twilight fanatic and your daughter's name is Bella?????? Cool!

My hubs is a marine - Semper Fi. :)

Maki said...

May I just say first that my daughters have the exact same doll house as your daughter!!! She is so cute!!!

You have a lovely family:D

Anonymous said...

She's just so cute!!!