Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A day in pictures...

Playing with her Princesses
I see Bella Belly!!!
Off to the playground with Daddy!
Happy Bella!

I see you!

I can almost reach...
I got them!!! Now what???
Back home and...
Ah yes! The putting stickers on Daddy game!
He's having fun.....really. Can't you tell???
That expression just SCREAMS quality time!
...pretending you're asleep never discourages The Bella!
And no, putting stickers on paper isn't "fun". least Bella is having fun, lol! Thomas' coins. In the military these are a VERY big deal. These are the ones he has earned for a job well done, boards, etc.
...they wouldn't fit in one picture!


babyrocasmama said...

LOL Rowan does the same thing with her Daddy. He let;s her put stickers all over him, climb all over him, etc. I think he would probably let her put make-up on him if she wanted to! He is just a big moosh for his baby girl!

I have seen that same look on my husbands face during one of Rowan's "redecorate Daddy sessions".

jubilee said...

That look must be universal. Such long suffering Daddies are wonderful.