Friday, November 21, 2008

Date Night Friday

Indoor Picnic!
Make this really fun and romantic! Spread out a soft blanket in your livingroom, and put some pillows down to lounge on. Turn off all the lights but set out tons of candles. Get a bottle of wine or champagne. Cheese & crackers, fruit, french bread with meat slices - all of your personal favorites, and maybe something new you've always wanted to try but were too chicken!! Caviar anyone?? Make the menu as special and unique as YOU are!

While you're eating and relaxing, try opening up to each other to reconnect after a long, busy week. Do the "remember when..." game of all your shared happy memories. Ask your partner where they would love to travel to and why. Ask what they wanted to be when they were little. Ask what your partner loves most about you and why. Basicly ask questions that have more than a "yes" or "no" answer and will get you both talking and sharing with each other. THAT is where the true intimacy comes from.

If you need more of an icebreaker to get talking, try turning the tv on, but mute the sound. Then you both take turns talking for the characters you see! This can REALLY be hysterical!!!

As always, Friday Date Night is about you, and making that bond you share with your spouse better and stronger. It doesn't ever just happen - it takes effort!! But man, those rewards are more than worth a little bit of planning and shopping! Have a great Date Night!!!


Christina said...

LOL date night seems like many moons ago we could have these. LOL but i promise we do do a lot of talking right as we are headin to la la land at night.

Cheryl Podolsky said...

That's a nice idea, and practical as well. My husband and I never go out alone; whenever we're together, the kids are right there with us. I guess it goes back to the days when we really couldn't afford the luxury of a babysitter, and even once things got a bit easier, it kind of became a habit. In any case, it's practically a free date, and these days we could all stand to be careful with our cash.

However, even if my husband were amenable to this (I have a feeling he might feel awkward about it), either the dog would pounce on the blanket and eat everything, or one of the kids would come downstairs and laugh at us!

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE this idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

And I thought you were going to see Twilight yesterday at noon! I couldn't figure out how you managed to pull that off!

Diamond said...

Now, if I only I had a babysitter, this would be perfect! :-D

Kimberly said...

This is an awesome idea!!! I really want to try it now!!!

LadyStyx said...

Wonderful idea!