Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bella & Sasha 10/9

Just home from school and feelin' sassy...
...and adorable!
Look Mom! I'm wearing my ice cream!!
Profile of the most beautiful girl in the world!
Cutie Bella!
Isabella - her pure essence!
Playin' it coy
Post sneeze!
Stretched out on Mommy! We're "sharing" a chair.
Twisting around and laughing! Wrinkled nose laughey face!
The Bella!
Oh! Sponge Bob is on!!
Playing keep-away with Sasha.
Teasing the poor cat!
Mommy said to give it back - pouty face supreme!
As Sasha waits patiently...
Fine! I put it down!!
Sasha carefully closes in...
Ahhhh! It's mine!
But I'm a cat, and I can't show too much interest!
But I can't resist the plastic flower toy!!!
Bella sneaking it away again...
Bella says MY TURN!
Sasha retreats and bides her time.
You takin' a picture of me??
Is it my turn yet???

'Bout time!
OK, I'm done....what else ya got??

1 comment:

Alexandria said...

My little sister is too cute!!! I cannot wait to come back home at Thanksgiving to see her!! I love you mom and please pass that on to Bella!