Monday, September 15, 2008

In our new home! 8-22-08

Our last night at Fort Stewart, at the hotel. Sharing a room with a non-sleeping Bellaboo isn't the most fun thing in the world!!
Waiting for the movers to arrive with our STUFF!
Empty kitchen!
Kitchen - living room area
Dining - living room area (looks big before furniture arrives, lol!)
Living room
Back yard. That green stuff is GRASS!!! Waahooo!!
Lots of shelf space!
Front hall closet (goes under stairs)
Top of stairs - for Bella's Kitchen
Mommy sitting room
Large closet with French doors
Master bedroom closet - it's big (you can only see half at this angle)
Master bathroom
Master bedroom
Linen closet
Spare bedroom - playroom
Bella's bedroom
Bella's bathroom
Front porch (we're on the left side)
Daddy & Bella.....still waiting on the movers!
Front hallway
Movers FINALLY showed up! Now the unpacking begins! Why is it you have to first make a gi-normous mess before you can organize anything??? Yikes!
Doing the kitchen was without a doubt the most time consuming part of this move!
Double Yikes!

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babyrocasmama said...

WOW!! Base housing sure has changed....used to be a crappy little apartment with just the BARE minimum and you were LUCKY if everything worked!

Nice porch!