Monday, September 29, 2008

All moved in!!! YAY!

Pantry off of the kitchen
Lots of shelf space!
All my teas!
Dining area
Back door, leads to patio and fenced in yard.
Our Bavarian cuckoo clock

closeup shot
View from the back door.
My little office area
Hallway - Thomas' awards and you can see my newspaper cover shot from Offutt A.F.B. when I was in the Air Force!
Family plaque
Shoe rack by front door; doors to the right is the laundry room.
Stairs going up
Looking down the stairs
Landing; Bella's kitchen area
Bella's Princess bathroom
Hallway: left side is a storage closet, straight is Mommy's sitting room, right side is the master bedroom.
Mommy's sitting room
TV & Marilyn barbies
A neighbor gave this to me as she was moving out!
Master bedroom
my dresser - solid cherry and weighs A TON!
master bathroom, with double sinks
Master closet (still needs some clothes organization!)
Spare bedroom/playroom
Princess Isabella's Room!
Her hairbows
Her bookshelf Her dollhouse
Her desk
Her bed
Her dresser
All the Princesses on her wall!
Three princesses next to her bed


JoeTacoma said...

Thanks for the tour. It looks as if you've lived there for years.

Bella's kitchen area = Cute!

Cygnet said...

Wow! It looks really lovely, Jeannie! Love your bedroom furniture and Bella's, too! Thanks for the peek inside your home.
Now, could you please come hang all of MY pictures. Been here for 2 1/2 years and still have next to nothing on the walls!

Lynnette said...

Your house looks so nice!!

babyrocasmama said...

You are too dang organized!!! I want my house to look like that...all organized and put away!

BTW, I LOVE that mirror window thing. I have seen those before and always wanted one.