Monday, July 28, 2008

Julia's birthday party 7-12-08

Make A Wish Birthday Banner Happy Birthday
Pretty Princess cake!
Bella & Julia - best buds!
I'm just sooooo excited!!!!
Here comes the cake....
Happy Birthday Julia!! Bella even sang!!!
Uh.......where did the cake go????
Mom? Cake???
Hello?? CAKE?????
Ahhhh, cake! Feed Me
Mmmmm, and ice cream too!
Bella got the Ariel doll
This is one happy girl!!!
All the kids had a terrific time!
I love Bella in this dress!!
Playing in the kitchen sink with the new dolls!
I forgot to take pictures of the presents! Bella gave Julia a Cinderella doll and matching horse. It was a big hit!! Julia got ALOT of princess presents!

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