Monday, June 9, 2008

Honeymoon - Wed 6/4 Thomas' Birthday!

Breakfast started with a Waldorf fruit salad

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Breakfast: toasted bagel, scrambled eggs with salmon and seasoned potatoes
Happy & full from breakfast!
My favorite view: in the garden, looking straight up
Magnolia trees as seen from our bedroom window
Good luck Gecko - nice omen!
And another one! Double good luck!!
Print of the Ballastone
Time for our pampering! Facials and full body massages!!
Thomas the history buff - George Washington was here!
Yes! CHOCOLATES!!! Major indulgences enjoyed here!!
Evening out at the Olde Pink House - getting ready to leave
They got confused - it was honeymoon not anniversary, oh well!
I somehow didn't get Thomas' picture on here, he actually had a dessert and it said Happy Birthday on it and they brought a silver candelabra to the table!
Really great place to eat! Thomas had the roast duck and I had the rack of lamb! YUMMY!
Yeah, he's super hot.....for 37, lol! *giggle!*
Just look at alllll those awards!!
Champagne waiting for us back in the room when our bed was turned down!

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are a wonderful lesson on Savannah. I will ask Lin to take me one day.

Happy Birthday, Thomas.

I am glad that the cookbooks were a win/win situation.

You had a romantic honeymoon and we received great recipes.
Pam aka readytobealoser