Monday, June 9, 2008

Honeymoon - Mon 6/2

We headed to Savannah at 9am! Our first stop upon arriving, was Michael's for honeymoon scrapbook materials. Most people HAVE a memory and then scrapbook it, but we're anything but normal, lol!! The cashier asked if we were new to scrapbooking. Apparently the overflowing cart and every "goodie" imaginable gave us away. After about an hour there we headed to lunch at Olive Garden. Let the Carb Fest begin!!!!
Thomas had the soup and I chose salad. It was about the only "on plan" thing I ate all week!
Who doesn't love soft breadsticks??
...and spinach artichoke dip??
Thomas had the grilled platter...
..while I opted for the shrimp and pasta!!

After a nice, leisurely lunch (aka bribe for Thomas!), we hit the mall......hard!! Nothing says love like a husband willing to look at "just one more thing"!!!

I finally got dragged from my passion of shopping to head to the Ballastone Inn. After getting just a lil bit lost and going through a seriously scary neighborhood, we got terrific directions and weaved our way through the crazy squares and one way streets of Savannah's historic district.

The Ballastone Inn

Front Hall
Official Guest Book, which Thomas signed
Gorgeous painted fresco ceiling in Front Hall
Front Parlor - Thomas & I ate here the most
Another view of the Front Parlor
gorgeous antique clock
Front Parlor ajoins to the bar; we also ate at the table on the right.
Victorian Bar - looks black but was really a rich, royal blue.
Tea Service, and evening brandy and port.
Typical High Tea, every day at 4pm (delicious!!!!)
Typical breakfast
How breakfast is served outside
Hallway on 3rd floor
Just outside our room - door on right is ours.
Again, just outside our room.
Scarlett's Retreat Our incredible bed!! Only the finest linens and bed from heaven!
Beautiful chandelier! Thomas in lower left, lol!
Blurry picture of a super comfy chaise lounge! Right next to fireplace.
My garden tub jacuzzi!! I took about 3 baths a day!!!
Exploring the garden......and koi pond

One of my favorite places on earth!!
Someday I WILL recreate it with my own home!
Thomas - learning what "relaxing" means!
My first cup of Harney & Sons tea - new, absolute favorite!
And dayum, I have got some gi-normous boobies!!
Front Steps
Our bedroom windows
Magnolias everywhere!!
Carved bench by front door
Thomas posing for me!
Ballastone Inn is 4 Stars, 4 Diamonds

Just a few moments before 7pm, it started pouring so our carriage ride had to get rescheduled. We just bumped up our time to eat dinner at Elizabeth's on 37th.
Front entrance
Sooooo beautiful!
Thomas had the rack of lamb (bad lighting, it looked better than this!)
I had Savannah red rice with fresh coastal shrimp, clams and fish. It was sooooo spicy and wonderful. There was so much that I could barely finish and didn't have room for dessert, (big mistake!!) Thomas had the key lime pie - one of his favorites!


jenelljm said...

Beautiful Picture's. How decadent !


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a fantastic time. I would love to get back there soon! Oh, by the way Jeannie, you are right, those are some humongous cha-cha's you've got ;o)