Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bella Today

I wanted a picture before she got dirty, lol! She's wearing a nice dress, new pearl earrings and even her "glass" slippers to run errands. Everyone asked if she was having pictures taken today. I just smiled and said no, this is just what Princesses wear at Walmart, lol!
She would NOT give me a nice smile!!
Daddy taught her this!!!!
And this too!
Thinking about something....... boogies!
"I'm not listening to you!"
Bella playing with new Princess stuff - yes I bought more!
Bella "cussing" because she can't get the shoes on!
Ditched the dress! Time to wear boots (on the wrong feet!), grab your purse and off for a ride!
Giddyup Bella!

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jkeat90160 said...

Hi Bella,

Just wanted to say that you make a beautiful princess. Oh yes, I really like your horse. Be sure he takes a nap when you do.~Linda~