Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is great!!

As most of you know, Cristy and I live in the Mountains of North Georgia when we are not in Atlanta. One of the great things about living in a smaller slower paced area is the great friends we are able to make. One such friend is Tracy McCoy. Tracy owns and publishes a very high quality magazine here called the "Georgia Mountain Laurel". Tracy allowed me to write an article for the upcoming April issue of her magazine, I titled it "What is Transparency". I will send it out a little later so you can read it, but for now I want you to read Tracy's response.

After Tracy talked to me, listened to a sermon or two, read my article and checked out our website, she seemed to really relate to the mission of Revolution Church. On March 5, 2008 she sat down and wrote this poem:

A note from God's child,
I live as an outcast from your point of view
Outcast by no one other than you.
I came to your service but didn't fit in
You stared and you whispered at the
tatoos on my skin.
You never took time to get past the outside
to see the real me and who lives on the inside.
You pointed your fingers and put me to shame
with YOUR rules and your regulations made
not in His name.
I just want to learn more about my Savior, my King,
He said I could come and He'd love me the same.
You hurt me and scorned me and left me outside
because of my sin, my looks and your pride.
It's your church you said and to be welcome inside
I must look like and act like you or I wasn't right.
I am right in the eyes of my creator you see, and
if acting like you gets me in your door I will stay on
the outside and talk to God more.
More than you know when down on my knees,
I pray for you, lift you up and hope that you'll
see the children of God that you cast away just like me.
A real Christian brother loves at all times,
so who are you that throws hate and draws lines?
Lines in the sand to divide you and me for God made us all
in his image you see and in Him I'll stand up straight and tall.
I love you dear Christian and when in Heaven we meet
I'll be the one kneeling at my Jesus' feet.


If you would like to express your gratitude to Tracy for her heart and especially for this poem please let her know at I think it would be great if she received an encouraging word from some of us "Outcasts"!

Thank you Coleen for sending this!

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