Monday, April 14, 2008

In Sweet Memory....

Our dear Rebekah and her "boys" were viciously attacked by a pit bull last week. We're all so grateful that Rebekah, although hurt, is still with us. Unfortunately, her sweet dogs weren't as lucky. They gladly gave their lives in defense of their beloved owner. I wish people were as loyal as these awesome dogs!!!! So boys, although you are gone, you will NEVER be forgotten!

Uschie died on 4-11-08
Liebchen died on 4-12-08
Liebchen and Uschie - together forever!
Our dear Rebekah - may you always be this happy!!! Rejoice in your memories, and those yet to be made.
A small gift to brighten your day! From all the 100%ers.
A "worry box" from me. Let these angels look over your worries so your heart will not be burdened with them. You are a strong woman, and a very dear friend!


Rebekah said...

You totally made me cry lady ! What an awesome thing to do for me. Thank you so much. I need more tissue...

readytobealoser said...

Jeannie, that was a wonderful posting for Rebekah and her beloved furry friends.

coleenfh said...


I don't know this lady but you know this hit home for me. I just think about what loyal animals dogs are and what they will do to protect their owners. Shepherds especially are near and dear to my heart. Jason has had 2 now for his partner and they both are sweet, loyal creatures. My heart goes out to her.