Monday, April 14, 2008

Having fun with Flat Christina!

Angela, (bizzymom on NS), had her daughter Christina send us a "Flat Christina" to visit Ft. Stewart! We had alot of fun showing her around!! Here are the pictures we took, before sending her back home to Mississippi. I hope the pictures and post cards are enjoyed by all the kids in her school!

Viet Nam era helicopter
Korean War era ambulance (just like on M*A*S*H!)
A big tank!
Bella sits on top!
Big gun in the front!
Viet Nam Mermorial
Alex, Bella & Christina on a bench
Viet Nam Memorial
Christina pays her respects
Cotrell Field
Field where Daddy will march home!
Christina on the "Marne Patch"
Bleachers where we'll cheer Daddy home next month!
Tents where Daddy will pick up his bags
A tree along Warrior's Walk - fallen soldiers of the Iraq War
A tree is planted for each fallen soldier


gwengilbert51 said...

Oh Jeannie, I was so touched with those are such a special person....and the tribute to Rebekah's boys brought tears to my eyes...Thank you such much for sharing these very personal/special pics with me! Bella is just simply adorable/Alex is a beauty..I know that you and Thomas are so very proud of them. I know you and your family can hardly wait to see your DH!!! I know that all of you are so excited...Enjoy that beautiful,precious family that you have...I am so glad that you are happy...because that is so important in our lives...Thanks for letting me be apart of this!!!
Gwen (sunshine) smile

I am STILL the Queen! said...

Hi Gwen!

Thank you for your support Sunshine!!

namaste said...

Thanks for linking me to flat Christina! She was a cutie for a flat kid! LOL! Those pictures are great... your kids are so cute!