Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon decorating - 12/2/07

So we got the inside decorating done and were famished! So we treated ourselves to "Bee-apples" (Applebee's to everyone else, lol!). One time we gave Bella a sugar packet to keep her busy till our food arrived......now every time we go there it's the first thing she asks for. It's like Bella Crack!!

Bella & Sissy - peace out!

Giggly girls!

Then we had to go to Walmart - just for a few odds and ends, and new ornament hooks!!! Which Alex had to go back for as we nearly forgot them - again!! Well guess who was there that day??
Right off the bat: Santa I'd like a Dora Mermaid doll please!! She's got this drill down pat now, lol!! I'm sooooo glad I have one safely tucked away upstairs!!

Outside decorations. And yes, after we got them all up (in 94 degree HEAT!), some decided to go out on us. Party Poopers!!

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