Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm so BLESSED!!!!

I really am blessed...........and I thought today was a perfect time to reflect on it!

First of all, I have the most awesome and wonderful husband in the world!! He loves me, supports & encourages me, he's my bestest best friend and soulmate! He'd NEVER be one of those husbands who physically or verbally abuses women. He'd NEVER talk badly of me or gossip about me behind my back. He'd NEVER say he wanted a divorce. He'd NEVER say he didn't want his children with me. He'd NEVER say (or think!) that going to Iraq was a wonderful opportunity to get away from his family. He'd NEVER badmouth my heritage or family. He'd NEVER leave for hours at a time without saying where he was going or when he'd be back. He'd NEVER keep secrets or lie to me. He would NEVER cheat on me. He'd NEVER give me a pathetic "allowance", while keeping "his" money for himself therefore depriving his family. No, I have a husband who not only tells me he loves me everyday, he shows me he loves me everyday! He's the kind of husband that as a Christian man, knows that it's his responsibility to be the leader of this family and that he sets the example for us to follow. He's the kind of husband who will videotape himself singing silly "I love you" songs just for me. He's the kind of husband who will send flowers and cards, "just because" - not just on special occasions. He's the kind of husband who will look around the house, and pick up or do chores because he sees it needs doing and he always wants to help out. He's the kind of father who LOVES to spend time with his children, and feels that making them happy is one of life's greatest rewards, and not a dreadful "chore" to be nagged into. He's the kind of husband that brags to the "guys" about me and the kids, so that when I meet them they always have lots of stories about us. He's the kind of husband that carries our wedding picture in his pocket everyday, over his heart - and he had it laminated to stay nice through 3 deployments!! He's the kind of husband that will move heaven and earth to call, email, and/or chat online everyday, because he loves me and knows that communication is the foundation of maintaining a healthy, happy marriage. He's the kind of husband who truly believes that a woman can never have enough jewelry, especially diamonds! Let's face it - he's awesome and I'm so blessed!!!! I LOVE MY SWEET BABOO!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, I have three of the most incredible children God ever created! Straight A students in advanced/gifted programs, and who have NEVER been a disciplinary problem in school. My children have never tried to run away from home repeatedly, or hated their parents so much they've attempted suicide to get away from them. They are polite and respectful towards others. They aren't juvenile delinquents who have to deal with the police on a regular basis. My older children don't need to be enrolled in "day care" because they can't be trusted to be on their own for a couple of hours at a time without getting into trouble. My children were raised to know that stealing and lying are wrong, and it's always better to admit mistakes than to pretend they never happened or to blame someone else! They were raised to be kind and generous, and to feel the joy of knowing how it feels to help others. Yes, I'm truly blessed with lovely, beautiful, smart, good children!

I'm blessed with the most amazing array of friends from around the world. Some I've known since pre-school, and some are brand new friends! But ALL of them know the true meaning of friendship, and none act like "what's in it for them". They always have my back and are there when you need them, and know that that street runs both ways. None are insecure, petty and jealous gossips. None would lie, cheat, or steal. Not a day goes by when I'm not uplifted by an email, phone call or card............just to say "Hi! How's it going? I'm thinking about you today". It's such a blessing to know you have a fabulous group people you can trust to be yourself with, and know they feel the same way. None "critique" each other's homes or try to pretend they are supposed to inspect them when they come over. Not a rude or obnoxious one in the bunch! Real friends are like extended family members, and a huge blessing!

I lead a truly blessed life! My cup does runneth over and I appreciate all that I have. I'm not a perfect person, with a perfect life............but it's perfect for me!!!! I'm a work in progress, and each day is a new beginning, another day on my journey. Have you taken the time to count your blessings recently???



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